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The cliched fairytale ending, twisted by the antagonist. It’s not your story if you can’t even narrate it, porcelain doll. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Pink Nostalgia

Denise and her family moved to a new apartment inside a mysterious villa owned by her father's employer. But the place seemed familiar. A link to a past life she could no longer recall. Only the smal… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

[PREVIEW] Royal Arcanum (Book 1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

18-year-old Cathy Charlotte somehow has a soul connection to the ancient Vesperian legend. Not that she knows, until Sylvia Elle, an angel in disguised came to reveal the secret, that Cathy is born f… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Royal Arcanum (Book 0.1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

Royals have secret, as much as anyone else’s. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen—the white h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A short farewell to a dead friend. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


La espera se hace interminable cada vez que Taehyung se esfuma frente a sus ojos, pero se hace más dulce cada vez que vuelve a perderse en sus labios. Jungkook esperaría mil siglos más... si de esa f… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Curse

A seemingly mindless plead became Razi's curse. Initially thoroughly human, he lived to see one war after another, the rise and fall of nations...and he had only one goal in mind: to find the soul wh… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Dreamer's Fall

Arthur is a noble-born reincarnator searching for absolute immortality to avoid the terrifying fate he witnessed in the afterlife. Thanks to a failed spell designed by an unimaginative ancestor, he i… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Four Wheel Saga

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior vill… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Awakened Soul

✅Novel✅English✅Romance "I haven't seen you drawn anything else beside the moon. I find it quite weird to catch you up on the balcony watching the moon every so often." I keep all the materials in t… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Defying The Goddess Of Light

Kail Phoenix thought that he had fought for nothing when his life ended suddenly. Then there was a strange melodic voice that reached out to him in the darkness. As soon as that voice finished speaki… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Eternal Promise: Fragments Of Us

Indie actor, Leon, is being haunted by an unusual voice in his dreams. He has no memory on any of it. With a new movie project coming up, Leon is torn between work and personal love life with his lon… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

I was only an EXTRA but the Villain and Male Lead tries to pursue ME?!

As I was reading the novel, my head hurts so I decided to take a nap. When I opened my eyes, I was in a child's body! A daughter of a count. I'm already aware that I'm inside a novel but I don't kno… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love me like yesterday

Reincarnation of two people from the past, One who remembers everything that had happened, Whilst the other doesn’t. Him asking if she could love her like yesterday. But will she able to love him bac… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love The Way You Love Me

Read ones, you will fall in love with it! No need for discription...if I describe it here...then there will be no suspense!! Enjoy reading!! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Anatomy of pure love song

How do you look on someone you love and tell yourself it's time to walk away. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Think before you speak. Read before you think. COMMENCER LA LECTURE