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As soon as I get home

Micro short story (about 70 words). Enjoy! Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE

O Segredo de Flora

A rough translation/interpretation of an English song into Portuguese Poésie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tell Everyone I'm Gone

One second: enough to lose ground, look sideways and no longer recognize where you are. Enough to get lost. He is unpredictable and expects you to let your guard down to snuggle on your shoulder and … Récits de vie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Life of Littletato

Littletato was a potato that lived alone, she was always tripping and walking through cities, and loved to live and to see new things, one day she found another potato, and then they talked alot... Enfants COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Vixi Maria!

A foreigner's experience for the first time in a confusing new land with a curious fruit Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE