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El fuego de la pasión

Esta novela será como la pasión... historias cortas y largas, no entiende de razas, ni de orientaciones sexual, sin tabúes. Con este libro espero llegar a lo profundo de tu alma lujuriosa y hacerte v… Érotique COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Falling- a realistic romance

Darkness consumed his heart, soul, mind. Darkness isn't the only thing that consumed his being, no. Alcohol. Drugs. Endless, meaningless sex. That was Matt walker before her....before Novah Nelson. B… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fear to Dark

"La familia Joestar son estrellas luchando en la noche... Tú ahora eres una estrella consumiéndose. Me da miedo pensar que me vas a dejar en esta obscuridad, alumbrame más ¿si? Jotaro" Long-fic. Pa… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

I Wrote You

Dedicated for the silly and the strong whose bodies lay static on bathroom floors and whose souls float byond the galaxy. For you, lovely soul. Poésie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Balcony

Can a wild girl force her socialite friend to marry the man the wild girl loves? Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Bridge Girl Paradox – The 1999 Paradox: 6

Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that has always aroused our curiosity and promises to knot our brains. "What is, has been. And what is to be, has been." Ecclesiastes 3:15 In … Thriller/Mystère COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Faux-Philosopher

What do you do when you've been diagnosed with clinical depression and no one cares to know why? You waste your time having fun of course! I'm Bobert, and I only have few more months left in high sch… Humour COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Happy Prince

A statue who, at one time, was a real prince. He was happy when alive, because he was kept ignorant of any sadness or suffering outside his palace walls. His life was one of joy and fulfilled desires… Classiques COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Mell Precedent — The 1999 Paradox: 5

'Always doing the same thing and hoping for a different outcome is the very definition of insanity." Albert Einstein In the previous sequel to "The 1999 Paradox: The Terminator Pardox, after… Thriller/Mystère COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Untold Sorrow

When Jennifer buried her love the time stopped and she was no longer alive. What the benefits of life for a woman who lives without a heart. When she met Matthew Smith she read the story of her Sorro… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish? “Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adven… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Dangerous Love Story

Shikar (A Dangerous Love Story ) Book 1 The story that sweeps through time, Story about love and dignity. Story about a young girl who is mysteriously webbed in her past life, how her own life suffo… Horreur COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Anatomía de mi amante

Historia de dos amantes que no se atreven a entregarse. Poésie COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Mila Sosa es una estudiante de Artes la cual odia a muerte a su profesor de escultura Enmanuel Cruz, la causa de este odio es simple: el la desprecia y ella lo odia de vuelta. ¿Pero que su… Érotique COMMENCER LA LECTURE


This began as a summary of my own personal tale at what was at the time my new job, and how it began unfolding with the recurrence of characters in a story I had pictured differently for myself. Let'… Récits de vie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Unexpected

This is the story of what happens when two unexpected people falls in love, Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Treffen der Blicke

Eine Geschichte einer kurzen Anziehung. Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Hyuuga Hanabi, a chefe do departamento de engenharia de produção das indústrias têxteis Saru, acaba por indiretamente, provocar um grande prejuízo para seu chefe, que então decide demiti-la. Desesper… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El primer encuentro

Una posible historia de dos jovenes que se conocen en un café, ninguno de los dos veía venir lo que el destino les había deparado... Tal vez estén juntos o tal vez no... LGBT+ COMMENCER LA LECTURE