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Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie

Haunted by a criminal past that involved stirring things up with some shady supernatural beings, Max just wants to stay out of trouble. He's an empath with a drinking problem and sells used cars, so … Fantaisie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Baby Boy and His Appa and Family

A lonely Alpha found a baby boy in the woods A snowstorm is brewing Luckily, a caring Omega found them almost freezing to death. The caring Omega called his best friend for help. A grumpy Alpha, b… Fantaisie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Life I Don't Remember 🥀

After being abounded and abused all her life she turns into the most dangerous creature ever... She tries to escape... Running.. Is all she could do.... Running from everyone and everything... ..… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Alpha:1:the lost legacy

En el Woodwarren Forest,hay cuatro manadas:Annclan,Valerieclan,Siberiaclan y Melodyclan,habitadas por lobos.Un dia,los principes se pierden,son Prince Bone,Princess Coral y Princess Sunlight(primero … Fantaisie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

His Blind Mate

Blamed for the death of her parents, Sienna grew up under the abusive hands of his brothers and the spiteful comments of her pack. She decided to leave, but an accident rendered her blind instead. Al… Paranormal COMMENCER LA LECTURE

🐺ωοℓƒ ραϲκ ѕαgα #𝟸🐺 ||𝕂𝕆𝕆𝕂𝕄𝕀ℕ||

🌸 𝑆𝑖𝑛𝑜𝑝𝑠𝑖𝑠 🌸 Jungkook, un apuesto joven cambia formas lobo ha jurado matar al hombre que mató a su hermano. Se ha unido a la manada de lobos de la montaña para llevar a cabo su venganza. En su prime… LGBT+ COMMENCER LA LECTURE