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Amos Blood & The Soul of Aedena

The Sünberet Rite of Passage draws near and with the last of the four Guardians of Origin becoming closer to death, the new generation of guardians will be named. Not only must Amos master his skill … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Original Absence- of Mines and Minds

Cavern's were dug deep into the Gnosi mountains, after all the riches and spoils had been removed and the mines were closed. Only a cult of robed inquirer's venture into them. That is where their mys… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My philosophical ideas 3

This book represents a journey through the world through meditation. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


With this book I try to explain the deep connection that exists between all things in the universe, both large and small. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The road to the new era

In this book the keys to reach the new era are explained. COMMENCER LA LECTURE