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That One Song

Walking down the streets, observing how everyone wastes their materialistic time. Maybe we should all just stop for a second and appreciate the small things in life. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

When the Sun sets

One day, in the Stream Valley, the Sun refused to rise. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Walking alone

You ever felt like you begin a life or a dream with someone you thought was in the same life dream? Then out of nowhere you realize you have really been walking alone on the life dream and your not s… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


La soledad es algo que abruma a muchos, mientras que a otros no... Una compañía o completa soledad... ¿Quieres divertirte un rato en tu propia obra de teatro? COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Disappointed broken angry and sad guess life isn't all that bad .. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La soledad

Breve ensayo sobre la soledad COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Loving shadow

Shadow-your only loyal friend COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What the hell?

So frustrated with wasted time... To old for this shit... COMMENCER LA LECTURE