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First (Updated Version)

When Summer, who hates attention and dating, meets Elijah, little does she know her life is going to be turned upside down once the inevitable occurs. - Summer Hayes has everything one could ask for … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Finding God

This blog is a self discovery journey about finding god and all his glorious ways. It is for understanding, inspiration, learning, and building faith. It’s lesson I’ve learned, testimonies, trials, a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Lo oigo, lo veo, pero no es real.

Cuento corto, acerca de un hijo que pierde a sus padres a raíz de su padre. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about Canada (p. 2)

The second part of Stuff about: Canada. A continued look at what makes Canada a unique and interesting place, bringing information that may not be so well-known. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stuff about: Iceland

The first in a series of blog posts whose goal is to spark interest and shed light on places all around our amazing world, geared toward today's readers. First stop: Iceland! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cuando me doy cuenta

Un martes por la mañana, esperando en la parada del autobús, con los audífonos puestos, con la música a tope. No te has puesto a pensar en algo? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Ya estoy lista

Solo una persona más, que apenas esta aprendiendo a explorar su existencia, aprendiendo a vivir y a sentir lo que ella misma reprime por impulso. COMMENCER LA LECTURE