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The Boy That No One Knew

Arabella's world comes crashing down on her when her parents are killed in a car accident. According to social services, Ara is now facing foster care. Before a foster home can be sought for her, a m… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Ghost House:Part Two

Ever since Thomas and Cain have grown up and left the ol’ ghost house,Samara has been incredibly lonely. She didn’t go to Heaven! She’s still in the house. But she’s not alone.. …This will show th… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Scary stories

Every week I will publish a new story. These stories will vary from gohst stories to clown stories. So apocalyptic stories. Anything scary. I will get these from my imagination, movies I've seen. Sto… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The doll

Seventeen year old Victoria Leana and her parents move to a haunted house,said to hold evil spirits. Well that house also has a possessed doll. Between evil spirits and an evil doll,whatever will V… COMMENCER LA LECTURE