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God Is A Red Woman

Recalling his troubled life, Ronald offers him an idea of realizing his dream, in the midst of a deal that puts his shinigami career at risk, Grell is tempted to realize his dream or risk the life of… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Unspoken Truth

It was in that sea of guilt, hatred, envy and anger that she swore revenge. For everything he caused, lies he told and tracks he left, she swore. For the pain he caused, for the fruit he left in her … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Beautiful Death

"Disseram-me, que isto seria meu castigo, até que meu pecado fosse perdoado. Mas, da interpretação correta da frase, eu nunca vi... Sim, é um castigo ver outras pessoas sendo amadas. Sim, é um castig… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

For Mom

Glie wanted to make a gift for the person she loved most in the world, her mother. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Until Death Bring Us Back Together

He hated her, and she didn't know why, but he had a reason to hate her, and the fault was entirely his. COMMENCER LA LECTURE