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Iris and the marionettes

Iris is a girl who one day suddenly appears in a beautiful forest of very tall trees, as if taken from a fantasy world. What is that place? How did she end there? How will she be able to return home?… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Moonfly a walk in the light of the moon watch out for the human COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Royal Arcanum (Book 0.1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

Royals have secret, as much as anyone else’s. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen—the white h… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Sonho Místico

Onde Elliot, um estudante de Ciências Místicas, conhece em uma de suas aulas-campo Gael, o Vampiro mais temido da região, que o faz perceber a beleza por trás dos obscuros mitos e lendas sobre os fol… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Alpha:1:the lost legacy

En el Woodwarren Forest,hay cuatro manadas:Annclan,Valerieclan,Siberiaclan y Melodyclan,habitadas por lobos.Un dia,los principes se pierden,son Prince Bone,Princess Coral y Princess Sunlight(primero … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Conquest of Ethereal Herbarium

The world of Zyllyön have so many mysteries like people alive. In a remote past, one crown was forged with madness and evil intentions. The klaevdros ethnic have this curse in the land of Vaetaeleae… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Crónicas del Mundo Natural

La historia del Mundo Natural tiene demasiados misterios. Leyendas e historias que podrían cautivar a cualquiera que las escuche, pero las mejores historias, no son aquellas que relucen por su fama, … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El bosque oculta la entrada

La vida normal de una chica se ve comprometida al descubrir uno de los grandes secretos del mundo. Un anciano y sus fieles amigos son los custodios del lugar donde se ha sellado un gran conflicto, c… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


After years of solitary seclusion in her castle, Elisabeth realized that the thousands of years accumulating the most disparate experiences walking on the vast plains of the Earth, did not make her i… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Entre bosques e historias

Habla de varias historias ocurridas en diferentes bosques , donde son seducidos por dioses o criaturas míticas ,. Estas se desarrollan en la época medieval , donde habían mas creencias d estas criat… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Esta historia transcurre durante El Ascenso del Lobo Blanco. Forest, un trol, decide alejarse de la violencia de su tribu, para buscar un hogar que le brinde la paz que siempre ansió. Durante su viaj… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Horizon is about a lost cougar cub and every animal thinks he is dead. How he got lost? Well ٫ he got stolen by a pack of wolves at age 3 months. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Los Jefes del Bosque - La Mariposa del Destino

El mundo fue dividido en dos por una guerra ya olvidada por casi todos los seres vivientes. Los dioses destruyeron y dividieron el mundo, solo para poder crear dos nuevos. El Mundo Natural, y el Mund… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Nuestro pequeño bosque

Bienvenidos al bosque, en donde el dilema volvio, hay que apurarnos antes de que el misterioso hombre decida volver por su nueva presa, en nuestras manos todo queda. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Parrots of Vivens

As the parrots of freedom fly high above trees that stretch across the village of Verdade, an old man named Rodriguez and his friend, Mr. Santos walk through the markets in the village. They manage … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


After the death of someone important in his life, all Alexander could think about was revenge. But how can one go against the most powerful alpha that ever walked earth? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The day the forest went dark

A monster turns off the sun in the forest and the animals suffer from the lack of food and water. But a magical dragon saves the day and turns the sun back on and the animals befriend the crying mons… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Ritual

It's All Hallows' Eve, the night when Nera's ritual means the difference between life and death, good and evil. Something's there in the woods, creeping by her side. Did the ritual work? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Two Girls In The Forest

If you want a 1 minute read then this story is perfect, It starts of as a bit of a horror story but it has a happy ending. 🥰 COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Westridge: Part 1,

Group of friends decided to spend the weekend hiking in the woods, Not aware of the terror lurks within. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Oh God, Why it happened?

Love comes in all forms. It not only exists between the Wife & Husband or the Lovers, but also thrives to blossom among family and friends. Actually, you don't realize the love for your family, frie… COMMENCER LA LECTURE