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A Burning Sky

Laera LightSinger is a half-elf who has been on the run from her family secrets ever since she can remember. When tragedy strikes the village she and her mother were living in, she is forced to flee … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Complicated Love Story

It's a complicated story of romance between college boys. Sam is just like every other gay college student with a name that actually sounds gay. As a virgin, Sam doesn't even know about sex, despite… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

After class

Entre revisões de matérias e assuntos triviais, olhares discretos tornavam-se mais intensos e interessantes, ainda mais quando os lábios moviam-se, sem nada precisar dizer, apenas fazer. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

All I Ever Wanted

I’ve always wanted to be happy. Sit in my room smiling to myself. Thinking about ways to make my day better than it already is. But those were all fantasies, because I don’t even know what I want ~Ch… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

At a bus stop

At a bus stop, Eduardo's life began to get less gray... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

At First Sight

Time stops when their eyes meet. Damien has never seen anyone as beautiful... Scarlett has never laid eyes on a man half as handsome... Will it be love at first sight? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

(Book 1) The Burning Phoniex: Axx’s Beginning

Book 1 is about a boy who struggles to find who he is. In a world, without magic, he must find his place! Will he find his place or will the abuse stop him? Will he come into his magic he will he alw… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Broken Eyes : The Love of Tomorrow

Single mom Seylah Jones and her one-year old son Liam, without his father in the picture, are moving back to her home town. She left four years ago and it's her first time back since, she's feeling o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Falling- a realistic romance

Darkness consumed his heart, soul, mind. Darkness isn't the only thing that consumed his being, no. Alcohol. Drugs. Endless, meaningless sex. That was Matt walker before her....before Novah Nelson. B… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Free Me

"That's what a kiss should feel like. It's supposed to knock you off your feet and leave you speechless, that's how you know it meant something, and you felt something real. The stomach flutters and … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Kemonica's First Day At Gymnastics

Hi I'm Kemonica. I live in Alabama. Roll Tide. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Metro Heaven

When an awkward couple finally decides to meet in person, a cast of locals shows them how funny and dangerous their being together could get. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Metro Heaven

When an awkward couple finally decides to meet in person, a cast of locals shows them how funny and dangerous their being together could get. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My One and Only

If you had a choice would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love? How far would you be willing to go to keep them safe? What would you do if they were in danger? Damen and Elisa are two opposite… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Perfectly Fine

He has exactly thirty-one days to live, and he knows it...but he has no plans to change his dull life. Will he just keep sitting idle as he watches the time go by? COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Es un pequeño cuento que habla sobre la memoria de una madre y su hijo COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Reminiscência | Yoonmin

Yoongi era um músico em ascensão que, vítima de um acidente fatal, teve sua vida ceifada ainda muito jovem. Jimin, escritor e noivo de Yoongi, é incapaz de superar sua morte. Então, alimenta suas mem… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Enquanto as ruas em Salvador estavam lotadas e barulhentas por causa do carnaval, em um hotel em especial, a calmaria e a inexperiência rondavam o jovem casal em sua primeira vez. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stop in the Name of Love

Rhea Sommes has never had it easy; a mother who died before Rhea was even in high school, a father who can't get himself together, and no one to turn to. All she wants is to get through her senior ye… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tangled Up in Blue

College is not what she expected after she meets a red-hot boy named Blue... Mourning the loss of her mother, a naive college freshman moves into a ramshackle house just off campus and quickly falls… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


I met her when I was 14, it wasn't love and we knew it never will be. She was 19 and we were just different, we still are but I really don't wanna be without her. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


I met her when I was 14, it wasn't love and we knew it never will be. She was 19 and we were just different, we still are but I really don't wanna be without her. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tetsukami Week 2018

Minhas fics pro Tetsukami week de 2018. Avisos: Day 5 e 6 são desenhos COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Tetsukami Week 2018

Minhas fics pro Tetsukami week de 2018. Avisos: Day 5 e 6 são desenhos COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The First Chapter Trap

Writing the first chapter of a story can be challenging. Here's how to avoid getting stuck on your first chapter, and how to make it the best it can be! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Time Loop

What's your wish? Riches? Fame? Power? For Kaiser, domain or Digital World. For Miyako, an encounter with his idol. What if there was an old Digimon Genie, capable of fulfilling wishes? Desires can b… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Trinta dias de viagem

Uma viagem não significa necessariamente transportar-se fisicamente de um lugar até outro. Uma viagem pode significar transportar-se em memórias, sejam suas, de outras pessoas ou de parte de você. Ao… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Wallowing from a post-apocalyptic break-up with my long distance lover, I decided to write letters, telling him the words I wish I could say. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Willa Jane

I hope you enjoy this wonderful story about a girl going on a crazy adventure ! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Her Secret Love..Does it explored till end?

Her Secret Love …Does it explored till the end? She is an intellectual person, An excellent problem Solver . One day she try to find solution for a biggest complicationof her life. She found the an… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Beautiful Thing

An unnamed voice speaks of their lamentations. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

About Love • Jungkook •

Jungkook a pesar de verse que se lleva el mundo por delante, tiene miedo, y ¿Quién no? Es nuevo en la ciudad y en la escuela. Pero eso, no es lo que más le importa solo vino por un propósito en espe… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Advantages of Emergency First Aid Training

The most crucial role a person plays in their daily life is caring for their children. Nobody ever wants their children to get sick or injured. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Birdie is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between a shy teenage girl and the son of a family friend at her parents countryside villa in Northern France. Unprepared to love an… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Cuentos sin enlaces

Son diferentes historias, ninguna enlaza con otra. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Extrínseco |190723|

Un día de julio la primera vez que la observé, la había visto antes, pero esta fue la primera vez que la observé. Su mirada, sus labios, su piel... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Finding Ally

15 year old Ally Hart she was a normal average kid that lied about her status in school, her friends were fake and built on lies and deceit. Her secret was exposed by the 9th grade class prez. She w… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

First Aids Really Help In Case of Major Injuries Too

Young children are innately curious, especially as they use their tongues to investigate the world around them and diverse tastes and sensations. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Always remember to keep a piece of yourself private you can remember the essence of your singular being even when you are half of an all. If not all your firsts won't let you go when it's over with y… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Los humanos es algo que nunca podré comprender pero algunas de sus historias me hacen reflexionar y pensar... COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Imaginary friend..

Ben and his mother live in a small house. Once their lived a little girl and her mother, they died in that house from a fire many years ago. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Just multiple times

Man steht auf einen Typen, Man kratzt die letzen Überbleibsel seines sonst so selbstbewussten Ichs zusammen und schreibt verdammt nochmal seine Gefühle nieder. Das er die Gefühle nicht erwidert, war… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Just One Day

Betina queria aprender sobre a Coréia. Yoongi queria revisitar o seu passado. Ambos encontram mais do que estavam procurando. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La huerfana: La venganza de Leena Klammer

Dos amigos llegan a la famosa Canadá en la que se verán introducidos en un caso bastante peculiar. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Letters to the wind

I wrote you five letters but unfortunately I never sent them, I only let them be read by the wind that lulled me every time I wrote them. D - 22/06/2021 P - 14/11/2021 COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Looking for first aid training in Saint John, New Brunswick

Bosco Training is committed to providing the highest quality First Aid and CPR training available. We believe that First Aid and CPR training is something everyone should have and we feel very fortun… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My Introduction

This is my introduction. Now that you'll know the types of stories I make, it is easy to choose. also, every story I make is 13+ so kids below 13 are not allowed to read. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A girl who wanted freedom and who wanted to live independent and want back the person whom she loved for years . Based on true incidents . COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Nothing to describe.. Eager to explore COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Pensando En Ti

Nunca me imagine conocer a una persona con mis mismos pensamientos. Tristeando y queriendo matar el tiempo te encontré. Te encontré sin buscarte ni esperarte, pero deseando hallarte. Sin darme cuenta… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Real-Life Fairytale

Our dearest Camille, a young, attractive blonde born into an unfortunate circumstance, finds herself abandoned by both her father and destiny, as, the day before she's sent off to boarding school, a … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Segredos Proibidos de Sofia

Finalmente Sofia está sozinha em seu quarto e como tem sido difícil para ela conseguir ficar sozinha, ela tira seu vestido e o coloca no divã, uma brisa fresca entra pela janela e acaricia sua pele d… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

She’s Afraid of The Dark

This is the story that cannot be solved. Maybe you can. Who knows, why don’t you read it and find out. Was she possessed? Was she insane? Was she murder and it got covered up? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Shinoa X Yuuchiro

Essa história se passa no Japão. Conta uma história de um casal nome dos dois é Shinoa Hiragi e Yuuchiro Hyakuya. Shinoa Hiragi tenta demontrar seu sentimentos ao Yuuchiro pois será que ele perceberá… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The day we meet..

This is story about me and my you will able to see how we meet and what thing made us to fall in love with each other..what are the struggle I do for my love.. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The first Chechen war

A story about guy named Serega, his experience in first Chechen war COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Past

Por quanto tempo você pode se sentir culpado por algo que aconteceu na infância? As vezes quando você menos espera tudo parece se resolver, mas nessa história vou mostrar a vocês que nem tudo pode s… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Runways part 1

In all there are five characters that are mainly in the story the name are Alice Jame, Jay, Sky old man John.I have bad quotes and marking bad spelling this will be part 1 I will make part 2 to somed… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Takeover

Mean girl story, with lots of drama, and a splice of romance, with betrayal and rejection all in one package. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Under the same sky is about the narrator's first love he failed to recognize. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

War of Kingdoms

Existiam 4 grandes reinos, esses 4 reinos viviam em perfeita harmonia, porem, um dia um mago muito poderoso iniciou uma grande guerra, durante essa guerra muitas pessoas morreram, enquanto outras fic… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

With Every Step She Takes

Amber Black lives for one thing and one thing only: vengeance. Yet, even as Amber tries to take revenge against the bastard she once called her fiancé, she's repeatedly disrupted by the one man she c… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

You Are My Inspiration

It is a story of a novelist and his source of Inspiration COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Es un largo viaje cuesta abajo

Primera historia de un ecuatoriano menor de edad. Espero que les guste. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Shisui conseguia ler Itachi com facilidade, sabia reconhecer cada expressão e mania sua, porém sua paixonite infantil pelo primo o impedia de notar que o mais novo também tinha sentimentos por ele, e… COMMENCER LA LECTURE