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Filthy Dark Secrets

Every hero has a villainous side which becomes a FILTHY DARK SECRET. ___________________________________________ "Don't worry, you are safe here Miss Alpha ." He said while pulling on the chains an… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

She Prince

Wan ke was murdered in the age of 16 trying to save his 12 year old step sister. To take over the kingdom,power and to be the top general XingXing disguises herself as a boy taking her brother's name… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Queens Gambet (Book 1 Of The Rosed Queens Trilogy)

Long ago in the royal kingdom of Shadowfen, king Richard and Queen Adriana had given birth to a baby girl Elizabeth Jane Marie. But what they weren't expecting was for someone to steal their beloved … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Abused, Rejected, and Loved

Natalie Moore has always been shy, too afraid to speak up. However, that is not her fault. Ever since she remember she has been abused. Whether that abuse came in the form of verbal, mental, or physi… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

A Tale of an Amalgam

I was Takeda Kuroha in my past life. I had a normal life, normal family and friends, all normal. Until the Student Council President, Nobunaga Oda-san, suddenly stabbed me with a knife. After killin… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Flame Paladin

After leaving the world’s premier superhero team, Chelsea Warner works as an adventurer, taking jobs as a bodyguard, magical beast hunter, and dungeon clearer, when she’s not dodging press and busine… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Maxwell Industries

Leilani Maxwell is the biggest arms dealer in the country. She's got enemies from all over who want to take over her business or see her 6 feet under. But unfortunately for them, Leilani isn't afraid… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Lost Memories

Shaina Pauleen Castellejo lost all her memories when she had the accident but she is very grateful when someone save her life- Ralph Miguel de Leon and his family. She learned to live in a simple and… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Unanticipated Love (Tagalog)

Althaea Cassidy Muestra na nagpanggap bilang kanyang kakambal na si Athena Zerene Muestra sa boyfriend nitong si Wexford Greige Escorial. Malungkot at mahirap dahil nahihiwalay sa kanyang real boyf… COMMENCER LA LECTURE