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Ready or Not

"Stay away from him, Kayden. Stay away from the both of them." I warn. He lets out a bark of a laugh, "I created you, Max! I don't know how you got the gem but I need you to give it here or else." I … Fiction adolescente COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Blonde of the Photograph

She’s famous for being rebel and has a powerful hater: Roman Catholic Church. What’s the reason? She's an atheist who doesn't have respect for their rules even when her parents are members of a b… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Naruto estava farto daquele pirralho mimado, herdeiro do clã Uchiha. A semanas ele vem atrapalhando cada negócio seu, mas seus dias estão contados. Shikamaru Nara é a solução para os seus problemas, … Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dangerous love

«Nadie podía remplazar a Hunter…» Hay cosas que el futuro no puede detener. Sam se deprimió con la partida de Hunter. Dos años de noviazgo evidentemente no quedan en el olvido tan fácilmente. El … Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

El Monstruo Del Armario — MOKITA UNO

SeokJin fue la rosa más bonita del jardín, aquella que ardió en las llamas del mórbido y egoísta deseo. Encontró placer en el dolor, se perdió en su propia mente. Disfrutó del pecado hasta que su tro… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Healing our Hearts

Scarlett is NOT a simple girl. She has two identities out of which she prefers to keep one hidden from the world. She has had a very difficult past and is broken and she's scared to love again. But… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Pirate Radio

Based on a true fact, the text talks about the danger of communication between an aircraft and the command tower when the radio frequency is intercepted by a pirate radio. Histoire courte COMMENCER LA LECTURE


I love my best friend and I can't help it at all. Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE