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A letter to someone is always personal, but an unsent letter can be deeper and confusing. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Le dicen depresión

Los días son iguales, el dolor cada vez es más intenso y la mente más débil, vive en un bucle. Ella no sabe qué hacer, no sabe cómo salir y su compañía no da los mejores consejos, pero pensándolo bie… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Victor/Mia, Victor/Benji - Victor-centric - And he smells like lemongrass and sleep She tastes like apple juice and peach You would find her in a polaroid picture But he means everything to me COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her b… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Time has been no match for all this mess in my head.... COMMENCER LA LECTURE