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Merry Christmas!

Onde é a temporada do perdão, temporada de mudanças. Onde ninguém fica sozinho. Onde a família está sempre ali, não perfeita, mas juntos, como um certo velhinho disse. Onde Os Vingadores desejam u… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

All about me

Hello. I'd like to tell you about myself. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Boruto Facts and Quizzes: Trivia Challenge about Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto Facts and Quizzes: Trivia Challenge about Boruto Uzumaki COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Compromisso pra Vida Toda

Arthur e Shinra estavam juntos havia dois anos. Se conheceram na Academia de Bombeiros e logo não foram com a cara um do outro, mas ao longo do percurso ambos iniciaram uma bela amizade que se transf… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Este es un diario donde escribo con libertad sin temor a ser juzgado COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Ás vezes escrever é difícil, mas as vezes tudo que eu ainda tenho é escrever. Relatos de uma ansiosa em recuperação enfrentando seus demônios de cada dia. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Girls dreams

This story is about girls dreams and struggle in their life. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Killing heartache

Poem about how faith can overcome loneliness COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La Vida es Absurda

La vida suele ser muy cruel con quien no debe..... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A poor girl who lost her parents and suffered alot but met ahandsome rich gentleman who married hee COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Moon embracing the stars

It's about a girl who biggest regret is having an incomplete family.she Even undergoes sexual assault in her claim for bettering her future COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My best friend Anson seabra

This is a book About a girl named Ashaunta whbuo met a celebrity singer songwriter Anson seabra and how they became really good friends but realized they have feelings for each other this is a book b… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Premium Researchers

Hi i am Richard. I work at Premium Research. We provide academic and professional writing assistance. We employ advance research ethics in giving you the desired quality of all kinds of papers you ne… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Bridge

The story is about a 14-year old kid who experience something supernatural 2 days before Christmas COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The fire of passion of the reaper

The fire of passion of the reaper is a 3 chapter poem to help people comfort them believing love kills pain,loneliness,and heartache. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The funeral of tears and sorrows

Love poem about 2 pagans who fall in love and experience the magic feeling of spiritual romance and a physical love COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The good Fight

This story is about a Girl and her mom moving and meeting a family with a son with a special need and how they become Immediate friends as she helps him to overcome his struggles! COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The rise of the dead

This story talks about a woman who gave birth to a child who could transform into a beast and now the country now rely on her son beast powers in order to stop the war that have been going on between… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The scp foundation

Hey guys I hope you enjoy my new book bye COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Thinking 'Bout You

Itachi sempre amou Naruto, mas uma burrada o fez perder o homem que ele amava. Agora o Uchiha vivia uma vida infeliz e uma rotina tediosa, seu loiro havia ido embora de sua vida e não havia mais sol.… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Top Leading Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer Guaranteed Prediction Spells

World Famous Best Vashikaran specialist Astrologer Online in India. COMMENCER LA LECTURE