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O Aspecto das Sombras Vive

Quando o sol perder sua cor, e a lua se tornar vermelha, uma escolha deve ser feita... Fantaisie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Aspect Land

This is an endlessly moving and funny story about the legendary events of the Star League that took place in our Universe of Aspect Land For a wide range of readers, with best wishes, Lapina Margarit… Les scripts COMMENCER LA LECTURE

La Experiencia Abstracta de Muriel

Muriel es una joven con sueños y aspiraciones sobre la profesión que quiere lograr, pero a veces es mejor ser reconocida por el talento que por la belleza. Muriel quiere aprender pero si nadie le dic… Récits de vie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Love in a Thousand Pieces

This story is about the journey that two people with the names of Halo and Damian go through about their love. There's pain, hurt, and loss, like every relationship. The two were destined to be toge… Romance COMMENCER LA LECTURE