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This sadness has just become pure madness… I feel so trapped and alone... Am I lost? COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Relationship drama always leaving questions in my mind! why I don't know? And I don't want it anymore! COMMENCER LA LECTURE


“The more money you spend on guns, the less money you spend on people! ... STOP WAR! #STOPWAR COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Are you Listening?

Poetry brought to you by my sadness and pain... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Sometimes I wonder if I had no fear, pain, or sadness if I could even write? This is called Fear not my fear though. COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Truth in the Book of Lies

My story, my life, it's been a rough ride, so much truma I have had sometimes I wonder how I am even alive? Why is this happening, At this moment RIGHT NOW?  Is it because so much has been left unsa… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

What the hell?

So frustrated with wasted time... To old for this shit... COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Wishing for changes that probably won't ever happen... Writing out my frustrations. COMMENCER LA LECTURE