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Marc becoming the man Tracy always felt he can be

After years of heartbreak and devestation due to the death of Samantha. Marc and Tracy's 23 year old daughter who passed away to a drug overdose in 2016. Tracy was finally watching her Husband Marc … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Polyphonic Ringtones of the Damned

Moonbeam is an alcoholic Capuchin monkey working a human world of madness, fire, alcohol and hot-desking. Can he stay sober enough to find the person out to ruin his life? COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Crónicas de una Infiel

Julieta Murcia es una profesora de lengua y literatura que, tras un periodo de rehabilitación, vuelve a su trabajo para descubrir que ese no será su mejor año Su matrimonio empieza a deteriorarse, su… COMMENCER LA LECTURE