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30 days with Nina Griss

Sam Peters is a psychology student who wants to get experience about people with mental illness therefore he decided to do his final thesis based on only one specific person which lead him to know Ni… Inspirant COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Stalking Ghosts

Ghosts that have possibly stalked me from my old place of residence. A true story meant for contemplation. Récits de vie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

the recovery diaries.

Maeve is admitted into a psych ward after a suicide attempt. Between nurses, Prozac and group therapy, she finds Elias, a fellow patient who will change her world forever. Drame COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake up… Fiction adolescente COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"...Venha pensar que o amor é Como um cigarro Queimando na ponta Mas rápido para queimar Como um cigarro Isso pode te deixar doente Mas você nunca vai ficar cansado disso Então leve um agora..." Jik… Fanfiction COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Qué danza es ésta...

A través de los ojos de una bailarina suicida. Poésie COMMENCER LA LECTURE

She's My Kind Of Country

A time and place for a new spark of romance. Amber felt lonely when she lost her wife Sarah to cancer. That all changed when she met this redheaded woman Natalie that brought everything pure light in… LGBT+ COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Short Therapy

I want to die but I need a little more time.So I don't want you to love me or save me I just need you to stay with me. Drame COMMENCER LA LECTURE