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Amore In Mafia © - Kookv

La Cosa Nostra es una de las mafias italianas más peligrosas debido a sus grandes conexiones en todo el mundo. Jeon Jungkook, su líder, es un hombre egocéntrico y rencoroso que no dudará en matar a q… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dark and Dangerous Desires

Abby is a young adult studying in college. Her already sad life turns even more cold as an already orphan, a cheating boyfriend, dead best friend, and now she's falling in with a man who seems to be … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Suddenly, life made sense when you arrived. You've changed me, given me a reason to live. *This book contains graphic violence.* COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Dark Turn: Locked In

Nicole is eighteen. She has a picture-perfect life from the outside. The reality of it is a family who is never around an alcoholic step mom, a sleazy dad, and a distant brother as she's taken care o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Xavier Esposito

*** _ Sophia deals with one of the most traumatic events of her life, being sold to Xavier Esposito, the most ruthless mafia king. But Xavier kept a little secret within himself after he first met S… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


He loves to hunt down his preys, torture them slowly and snap their life threads from the circle - in other words, he loves to kill them. Born into the great Ameilo family has it's up and downs, espe… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Mafia King

A Jason McCann mafia fanfic Be WARNED; This story is NOT for you vanilla people. If you aren't comfortable with violence,death, vulgar language, smut, dominant, or sexual content, you should probabl… COMMENCER LA LECTURE