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Broken Eyes : The Love of Tomorrow

Single mom Seylah Jones and her one-year old son Liam, without his father in the picture, are moving back to her home town. She left four years ago and it's her first time back since, she's feeling o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Dark and Dangerous Desires

Abby is a young adult studying in college. Her already sad life turns even more cold as an already orphan, a cheating boyfriend, dead best friend, and now she's falling in with a man who seems to be … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Suddenly, life made sense when you arrived. You've changed me, given me a reason to live. *This book contains graphic violence and explicit sexual scenes.* COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Half Hope, Half Love

My chest was paining and my heart I felt him grab my back, sliding his arms around my waist. He pressed himself further against my back, and I could feel his heart beating fast, blood pumping rapid… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

HeroBoss - Edição Olimpo

+12 | Classificação indicativa* Hélio é um descendente dos bosses mandado para a Terra quando nasceu. Nunca desconfiara de sua verdadeira linhagem até conhecer seus amigos Enzo, Luiz, Cadillac e … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My boss My secret

[KaiSoo] [OS] [UA] [+18] [PWP] Jongin é um estagiário conformado com sua rotina diária de trabalho e uma estranha atração sentida por seu chefe, o príncipe de gelo. Mas, seus dias pacatos no escritór… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

My Stupid Boss

Jeon Jungkook – chefe do setor de marketing da maior empresa de jogos de Seul, a qual seu pai é dono e presidente – tem um certo fraco por suas secretárias, pois é de extrema conveniência sair com al… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Porter's Reward

Kane Porter was as boring as his name implied. Of all the financial coordinators under me, he was the one least likely to be interesting on an intoxicated evening. Kane was quiet, well-mannered a… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Queen Of Ace

[ONGOING] I am a strong and independent woman and I need to pull myself together. Although, the Universe seems to always have a different plan, and it is turning out to be more than I can handle. … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Dark Turn: Locked In

Nicole is eighteen. She has a picture-perfect life from the outside. The reality of it is a family who is never around an alcoholic step mom, a sleazy dad, and a distant brother as she's taken care o… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Fellow Gents.

Who do you call if you need a quick hit made? But don’t want to get your hands dirty. This consortium of highly trained, self taught assassins. But when the last hit, successfully got their boss kill… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Xavier Esposito: BOOK I

"I'll never leave your side, I promise." * After being sold to the mafia king Xavier Esposito, Sophia's life changes. Rumours of the great Xavier always crawled in the corners of the city, she kno… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


"Cuanto más perfecto es algo, más dolor y placer siente." La divina comedia, Dante Alighieri La atrevida y segura publicista, Florencia García, conocida por su perseverancia y talento nato para lo … COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Fuja de mim

Acordo de repente, encharcada de suor e com essa cena me despertando do sonho erótico com o meu novo chefe. "Porra! O que foi isso?" Estou a ponto de explodir de tesão repassando as cenas desse sonho… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A Forced Marriage between Ruby Knight and Michael Low . Ruby was in love with Michael for a long time but Michael hated and despised her cause he wanted to marry Angela Knight. Ruby Knight: asked I… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Les griffes du mâle Tome 1

Humiliée et larguée devant son boss sur son lieu de travail, Jules Becker est dévastée. Pour la Community manager, les mecs c’est terminé ! Et même si son patron Émilien Weits, un célèbre éditeur fr… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

lust and Betrayal (ON HOLD)

From being lovers to enemies, from being accepted to be rejected. drowned in secrets to be destroyed in lies. Lust has taken over, the true romance has gone. to forgive and not to forget, so she woul… COMMENCER LA LECTURE


A poor girl who lost her parents and suffered alot but met ahandsome rich gentleman who married hee COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Apuntes de un jefe de la mafia. COMMENCER LA LECTURE


The young lady desparetly looking for a job in fashion to after her sick grandmother and gets it in a certain company and wins over the boss' heart COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Patroa e Peão

Fanfic de Helluva Boss. Stella x Striker. Erótico. Comédia. 18 anos. Ou como gostei de chamar; "pornochanchada hardcore de quinta categoria com vilões de desenho animado".  COMMENCER LA LECTURE

Permission to love you

"What are you doing? Leave my face alone" Kelly held his wrist trying to pull his hands away. Then, Mr. Brunnie pulled Kelly's face closer to his. His fingers were brushing through Kelly's hair. She … COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Um universo alternativo de Helluva Boss onde Blitzo, um assassino de aluguel acaba por aceitar o pedido de Striker para matar "a realeza do inferno." COMMENCER LA LECTURE


Um universo alternativo de Helluva Boss onde Blitzo, um assassino de aluguel acaba por aceitar o pedido de Striker para matar "a realeza do inferno." COMMENCER LA LECTURE


He loves to hunt down his preys, torture them slowly and snap their life threads from the circle - in other words, he loves to kill them. Born into the great Ameilo family has it's up and downs, espe… COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Shy Girl

The girl that feels left out in highschool and very shy COMMENCER LA LECTURE

The Zodiac's

✮One of the biggest mafia groups. Full of trusted members, or so that's what they think. What happens when they have a new enemy? What's going on in the inside? Will they prevail or will they fall? … COMMENCER LA LECTURE