Event information

Organisé par Galo A. Vargas.
Date de début Nov 08, 2023, 19:00.
Date de fin Nov 19, 2023, 18:59.
Prix Obtenha o emblema de recompensa para sua coleção + 70 Crédits de récompenses.
Ranking points 7 points (1st place winner), 5 points (2nd place winner), 3 points (3rd place winner), 1 points (participant).
General rules - The story must not have been published before.
- The story must be written/designed for this contest or challenge in specific unless its description says otherwise.
- Stories can participate without being verified at the moment of submission, but it must be verified by the time the contest or challenge closes.
- You must always use the event's official hashtag.
- If this contest or challenge is a literary written contest, please use the best spelling and grammar you can.
- By participating in this contest and/or challenge you agree you will not delete or unpublish your story or content in the following amount of days: 90.
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