Rue Du Pont.

Prendre une bouchée ou deux d'un nouveau hamburger mensuel pourrait être la raison pour laquelle vous avez envie d'un autre type de viande, mais c'est à vous de vous protéger des morts-vivants Z qui ont envie d'un cerveau savoureux. Vous pouvez jeter un coup d'œil à la vie de George, un chef déterminé à ne pas faire partie du clan des morts-vivant…
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30 Days of Fog: the legend of the living dead

Hank uprooted his family after a vacation from their old lives to a new town, looking for a new beginning. He never imagined his efforts would lead to peril, and the town he picked is a town hunted by ancient monsters who appear every century to create mayhem, destroy, hunt, and paint the streets with innocent blood and flesh of town folks. He had…
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Chapter 2,

As the Horde of zombies arrive in town, The storms starts to settle when Victor and others in town are being under attack from the dead.
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Rot & Ruin Series

Multiple stories of a zombie apocalypse, that takes place all around the world where people must survive and defeat the undead to stay alive.
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Rot & Ruin Vol 4

A story of survival in a zombie apocalypse
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Mothers Day

A gathering of family coming together on this special day of Mother’s Day, but what comes a day of fun and love, turns into a horrific nightmare for the family as an outbreak of chaos spreads through out the house.
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The Waking Dead: Chronicles of the Zombie Virus (horror/survival)

In "The Waking Dead: Chronicles of the Zombie Virus," experience the terrifying journey as a peaceful world falls victim to an unstoppable virus. Witness the transformation of the living into the undead, as the virus spreads through every corner of society. Follow the desperate quest for a cure amidst the chaos, as survivors battle hordes of raven…
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ZOMBIES : Rise Of The Dead

The rise of zombies have risen attacking a small country town, A group of locals band together to take on the Horde and save the human race.
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Histoire non vérifiée My 1st actual novel. Please check out my prior work #The SpellBorn. It is a poetic story/Trilogy I wrote. You can find it here. I will be releasing a new chapter every week! The novel is probably half way done. Please, if you enjoy the read, give me some feedback and support my work. I would really appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours. ☝️❤️
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ZOMBIES : Rise of the Dead

Histoire non vérifiée A bartender named Gavin needs to survive a zombie out break, will he survive.
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Le lai du Z-O-M-B-I-E

Histoire non vérifiée Severus, se métamorphose en zombie. Le zombie est aimé par le roi de Paris et sa femme en question, avec qui il partage sa malédiction. Malheureusement, l'épouse de Severus tombe amoureuse d'un autre homme et le trahit, le privant de sa condition humaine. Le lai raconte l'histoire de Severus essayant de retrouver son humanité et de surmonter les o…
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Histoire non vérifiée A virus breached out killing thousands and thousands of people. I'm searching for my husband, dead or alive. He's my only option.
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Blood Outbreak (Based on the videogames of "State of Decay")

Histoire non vérifiée Nick is a survivor of the apocalypse that started 22 months ago, now he is in the necessity of leaving his camp due to him running out of food and water. Thankfully, a broadcast of a shelter for survivors is caught by his radio. Nick will leave to find this shelter in a world where the dangers of the "black fever" are always present in different s…
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Discover the Charm of Aged Fine Line Tattoos

Histoire non vérifiée Have you ever wondered why some tattoos seem to tell a story not just through their design but also through their very essence, evolving over time? Fine line tattoos, known for their delicate and precise artwork, do just that. As they age, they transform, developing a unique character that many find irresistibly beautiful.
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Histoire de blog

Les lettres de cauchemars.

Histoire non vérifiée Dans ce petit recueil épistolaire nous regarderons l'intéraction entre les personnages de l'univers Harry Potter s'échanger des lettres pour garder un aperçu de ce qu'il se passe actuellement. Alors que le monde est en train de subir un bouleversement monstrueux à cause de l'invasion artificielle qui déclenchera une guerre entre le genre humain et…
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HOSOKA: tom2

Histoire non vérifiée C’est une invasion de zombies
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Âme en peine Tome 9: La Guerre des morts et des vivants

Histoire non vérifiée Le Cavalier sans tête a été vaincu, mais Jason, Kaï et Sheyla n’ont pas le temps de récupérer: Néo Barns est sur le point d’arriver en ville, suivi d’une armée de morts-vivants. La population est effrayée, Valindra élabore un plan d’urgence mortel, et Elena, Nick, Roan et Lucia sont introuvables. Le trio pourra-t-il une fois de plus protéger Mem…
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Histoire non vérifiée In a world where the clash of hope and science resulted in unimaginable horrors, a cure for cancer brought forth unforeseen consequences. “H0p3,” once promising salvation, instead unleashed a nightmarish epidemic, transforming those who were cured into grotesque, flesh-craving monsters. Within the ruins of New York, a diverse group of survivors, b…
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Rot & Ruin : Zombie apocalypse

Histoire non vérifiée Out course of zombie outbreak has taken over the world, only an group of survivors must take on the undead to survive.
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Histoire non vérifiée Hardware´s World II
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The Walking Dead

Histoire non vérifiée Ema Dixon is you!(You are Lydia) Ema is the daughter of Daryl and she haven’t been able to find him in the Apocalypse. Ema is 17. Skills:Shooting with crossbow and whistling. Parent:Daryl. Likes:Having fun,Daryl. Dislikes:Negan,Alpha and More. This is Season 1-11 BTW Ema will lose family members and friends.
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Histoire non vérifiée This is about 6 teenager's who go wandering off in the woods not knowing that there is danger up ahead of them & they go missing one by one but there is one survivor left to take the killer down. It begins when they are at school on the last day where they talk about going camping. They are wanting to have fun but have no idea what they are gettin…
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A Daycare Nightmare

Histoire non vérifiée Billy and some other children are taken into Silverman’s Daycare, a suspicious daycare built by Maniaka Von Silverman, a twenty-year old woman who is seemingly friendly. Creepily enough, the other children don’t know a dark secret about Silverman that Billy does. What could it be?
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Histoire non vérifiée Determined to distance themselves from the civil war ravaging the country, a group of friends encounters something far worse and apocalyptic than the political troubles surrounding them.
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Histoire non vérifiée Ella Dixon is 20 and her hobbies are Sword fighting and acting like a parent
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Ashes (discontinued)

Histoire non vérifiée This is a story about a young girl and her will to avenge her family that has passed, but she never found her brothers corpse……could he be alive?
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Histoire non vérifiée La fille d'un pauvre apiculteur démunie située dans un petit recoin perdu, découvre une étrange ruche remplie de diaments. Comme sa famille est peut fortuné Anat Honey's décide de vendre le précieux objet à un musée. Mais elle est très loin de se douter des horrible consequence qu'aura son acte ! Voyage dans des tableaux d'art moderne horrifiqueme…
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