ZOMBIES : Rise Of The Dead

The rise of zombies have risen attacking a small country town, A group of locals band together to take on the Horde and save the human race.
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ZOMBIES : Rise of the Dead

Histoire non vérifiée A bartender named Gavin needs to survive a zombie out break, will he survive.
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The van-stone

Histoire non vérifiée It was usually zombies and vampires attacked, A van-stone of power which later turned to the van-stone of death when after it had been stolen from from the thunder mountain, Mark use the van-stone for fourth days before the was found dead, while other two actors also used it and they also found dead in a very miserable way after fourth days, now…
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Histoire non vérifiée My 1st actual novel. Please check out my prior work #The SpellBorn. It is a poetic story/Trilogy I wrote. You can find it here. I will be releasing a new chapter every week! The novel is probably half way done. Please, if you enjoy the read, give me some feedback and support my work. I would really appreciate it. Blessings to you and yours. ☝️❤️
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Finding Humanity

Histoire non vérifiée Reese together with a squad that saved her life, are faced with the pandemic that wiped away civilization in Los Angeles and other parts of the United States of America. Through betrayal, hunger and the other atrocities, they struggle to survive in their new world. Easy choice: give up and die or get up and live —Ken Poirot
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Zombie apocalypse

Histoire non vérifiée This is a blog for every zombie apocalypse or just any book i write. You can ask anything :]
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Histoire de blog

No more

Histoire non vérifiée This book is basically a book about what would happen if COVID-19 ( a very deadly virus ) turned everyone into a zombie. There are four main characters: Sky, Mya, Rebecca, and Jaylen. But now the four girls have lost everything and must learn and struggle to survive in a funny thing we call life or at least what they call life. Sky - lost her par…
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The dead.

Histoire non vérifiée This story is about four friends, who go home at the end of their school day, only to find out that their is a zombie apocalypse. Will they get out alive?
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The ultimate deadly virus

Histoire non vérifiée This story is about my favorite yeah scenario that I watch I scary star studios animations which is called EAS scenario 10 the ultimate deadly virus which I made a scary story about the ultimate deadly virus being controlled by a demonic queen who uses her staff to infect any person she sees and the ultimate deadly virus queens name is Lilith
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What happens at Night, in school

Histoire non vérifiée A little girl Sally, will find out what happens at school, with rhymes and fun she will fight out. She can write it for her imagination test, or to find out why gum looks like brains, and so just to say, enjoy the story please/ plase
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The Hike pt9 don't read read other 0arys first babe😂😂👶

Histoire non vérifiée Do not ever
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Star darlings versus the zombie apocalypse

Histoire non vérifiée The story is about the starlings at Sterling Academy hearing about an unknown virus that has been released into the air and then starting to fear that it would be an apocalyptic nightmare of a zombie virus
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Chapter 2,

Histoire non vérifiée As the Horde of zombies arrive in town, The storms starts to settle when Victor and others in town are being under attack from the dead.
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Hangry 28 days later

Histoire non vérifiée 20 different siren head short stories there are either leave you laughing or leave your scared shit less depending on the version. This is my real imagination of siren head by Trevor Henderson and I am a big fan of siren head so there is this book hand 28 days later. Full ofsiren head shorts. Enjoy the Creepypasta as I have writing it
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