Beyond The High Wire

In the vibrant world of the circus, Lena and Austin's unlikely friendship blossoms into a delicate dance of emotions. Secrets untold and feelings unspoken, their connection deepens until a heartbreaking choice tears them apart. As Lena tentatively explores new beginnings with Noah, Austin grapples with the pain of silent longing. Yet fate takes a …
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24 Hours To Midnight

Sometimes 24 hours can change more than just one life. 24 Hours in a journal of a young Airman.
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Love's Bittersweet Symphony

In "Love's Bittersweet Symphony," Dana and Nick, two high school seniors, fall deeply in love despite societal pressures and personal challenges. Their passionate connection faces numerous obstacles, leading to a heartbreaking decision. Dana's health struggles intensify, testing the strength of their love. As circumstances unravel, they are forced…
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House of vampires and me the human

Claire Dawson is just an ordinary girl before she was fourteen everything was going right for her she had a best friend Helen. Her grades at school were great and she had a loving family, but when her mother died things changed. Her Farther turned out to be a deadbeat dad and with no brothers and sisters she had to handle and do everything on her …
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Kidnapped by a vampire

All Polly has ever wanted was a bitter sweet life. She wanted to become a professional skateboarder or even just a photographer. But one day her dreams were taken away from her as she was out and about town where she was taken from her hometown. Throughout the course though she falls in love without meaning to. But with this love comes a lot of pa…
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Cute lies

A 22 years old shy girl Mia moved to a new town for school, where she stayed with her uncle Teo and her Young rude cuzen. Mia was shy, to an extent that she would meet her new handsome boyfriend and say nothing, but she was good at communicating through texting. Mia fell in love with a handsome rich guy and she lied about her past, her ex-boyfr…
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Autumn Chantel Story

Autumn Chantel arrived home from finishing school and found out that her own father has made plans without her knowing.
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Clash (Our Story)

Clash: an incompatibility leading to disagreement. A personality clash. Going against all cliches, she is the bad girl and he is the good boy! If you like what you read so far, be sure to check this out! Full story upload on Wattpad!
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The Vipers Smile

Abigail Jameson, nicknamed "the viper" for her sharp tongue, has given up on love. But during her eighth debutante season, she meets Gregory Wesson, one of the few men not put off by her sharp words. Unlike the suitors who only see her beauty, Gregory sees Abigail's quick wit and intelligence. What starts as a platonic friendship soon blossoms…
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With a view she lived, different from his mind. With a wound in his heart, a cure she was.
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101 Letters For Rixian

As a writer i had always liked giving letter to some people that i like, its my way of expressing my feelings for them a way to tell them just how much they mean to me. Yet hes different, he didnt just make my heart flutter, he made my mind go crazy with ambition and thoughts. They say that when a writer falls, they hold a pen and start writing …
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The name of a fallen angel

This is a story about how me and a very special person have struggled together to find a better tomorrow for us.
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Unexpected Encounter

There’s a girl named Krizyl who unexpectedly encountered the girl named Marj. They WERE friends. They actually didn’t expect that they will click. Until one of the make a move and the other one goes with the flow; Do you believe in slow burn love?
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Jaden Elliot Cromwell is a bastard. A son of a bitch. Probably the worst of them all. But even with all his flaws, he's hers. If she was poison, he was ready to take it all and die for her. Lilian Eve Madison is perfect. She has the best grades, the best friends, and goes to the best parties. But that is until the night comes when they're togethe…
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In Love Forever

A story for those who wish their favourite couples didn’t have so many problems. Those who don’t just want a happy ending, but a happy story too.
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Wild Abound

Kat Fields gets the surprise of her life when the president asks a special request of her.
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Ten ways to approach a woman

Unveiling the Art of Connection: between a man and a woman, ten ways to get your female partner
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Ten ways to approach a man

Get Information on how to meet men with this guide book, and let the change help you.
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Hidden Desires

In "Hidden Desires," Carlos faces pressure from his mother to marry Evelyn, a wealthy girl. However, Carlos is betrothed to Stella. As the wedding approaches, suspicions arise when Evelyn catches Carlos and Stanley, Carlos's best friend, in a compromising situation. Tensions escalate as Evelyn becomes increasingly suspicious, leading to emotional …
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Heart of Beast

“I've been eagerly anticipating this moment, Kyra. I can't restrain myself any longer around you, baby girl." His eyes fixated on my dress, and he gulped, licking his bottom lip as he approached. I took steps backward until I sat on the bed. "Baby, do you desire this?" He gazed at my exposed legs, wearing a seductive smirk. "Take me, please," I s…
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For you | A vampire seduction

Rachel always had a boring life. She hardly believes in the existence of soul mates and everything that has to do with it. What she hardly knows is that she has one, and on top of that, he is a vampire. He becomes everything she ever wanted... "To the woman who owns my heart and matches my stars..."
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Coyote's Two Companions

Wanda and Ethan are a young couple who break up as they each pursue a new lover. Unbeknownst to them, it’s the same person. Colt, better known as Coyote, is forced into their love triangle. The only problem is, Colt is aromantic, asexual, and doesn’t know how to tell them. Now faced with the romantic advances of two ex-lovers who would spite each …
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Blue eyes

'This couldn't be happen' this Is just a fucking dream how can be a mate with the same sexuality I am a fucky guy for God Sake. 'I AM Not A GAY' I am not taking this what would people thought and most importantly' What Would My Pack Thought ' that there future alpha Is a G. A. Y Yes you are taking what moon goddess give us he is our mate 'like…
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Fallen for a superstar: New Edition

In a world where love is complicated, Olivia Harrison, a teenage girl is a victim of such circumstances, She is loved by three different boys who would do anything to be with her. Each of them has a heart of gold and Olivia has to pick between them, Tristan: Her ex bestie ex boyfriend Marcus: A boy who she stood up for against his brother Ethan:…
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Lovers behind screen

To lovers behind their screen trying to Find there soulmates but from a faraway distance
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Histoire de blog


He endured the worst when they deceived him, removed his title from him, and made him lose his wolf. But what will happen when his mate took him in without knowing that they’re mates.
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A Constellation's Prophecy

A Constellation shines bright in the sky, but what would happen...should one fall in the night?
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You're my Life

After Alex fights against all odds to be with Gabriela and she manages to understand her heart, new problems appear on her horizon. She returns when she finds out that the two of them are together and will try to separate them. This new arrival will be a challenge for them in which trust will be more important than ever. Will he be able to achieve…
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