Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl who…
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Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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Common Restrictions Applied To Low Wagering Casino Bonuses in the UK

Histoire non vérifiée Gambling is a major market in the UK, where they have set an authority to regulate how casinos operate
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Histoire de blog


Histoire non vérifiée pinterest poems 🤣
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Music Box

Histoire non vérifiée Music Box Money on bread to power that lead to destruction on desire. Desire of pain they cherished on it to went on. It of there darkness of plans to live on. The scams on there past decisions in life in the present is coming back to bite. Bit so hard it won't go like a shark. What they released was a mistakes. Mistakes we make. On try t…
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His Blind Mate

Histoire non vérifiée I wanted to leave. Disappear into the crowds as another nameless face and forget about the pain this pack inflicted. I thought things would be better when my mate found me. Unfortunately, he proved to be like the rest of them. So, I freed myself. By the Goddess’s blessing, I escaped that miserable place. That is, until he found me yet again. And t…
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Affair with the Alpha King

Histoire non vérifiée Twenty-five-year-old Adhira Chawla is happy with her life as Beta to the Alpha King, Liam. Living with her family and friends, Adhira's world is thrown upside down when Liam's wife, Casey is put in a coma. Liam enlists Adhira to help him find the person responsible, but Adhira doesn't expect to fall in love with Liam, or that her feelings would be…
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Knock, Knock

Histoire non vérifiée What started out as a man-hunt for a serial killer turns into something more dark and complex than anyone would have imagined. Detective Steve Richardson and his partner, Detective Abigail Benson, are thrust into the under belly of the quaint town of Rockyroad Creek, not really knowing what they're getting themselves into. With the help of the edi…
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