Excelian Universe

A science-fiction dystopian world with superhuman elemental manipulators known as Excelians who live within the Earth’s Crust as they hunt for the twelve pieces of Midnight Eclipse. In the underground country of the Fire Reserve, New Icarus is hom…
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Inko, Inka & Katze

Inko is a normal boy, Inka is a normal girl, but Katze is not a normal cat; it has the power to create and destroy with the blink of his eyes.
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Fright world

Prepared to be spooked as you trick-or-treat for these gory treats
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A fictional world similar but different to our own, with a mix of medieval age and Victorian era that includes magic and discrimination against it. This will only include information about "I Own You Now, Sis [GxG]" for now, in order to avoid spoile…
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This is the first where Lisa meets a rare superhero, and their erotic adventurous, start to happen! Well she been in love and dominated too! As she embarks on this erotic adventure with athe suler hero named petey! She is disowned by her mother and …
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Denox's parallel football universe (DFU)

Universe: Denox's Parallel Football Universe (DFU) Denox's Parallel Football Universe (DFU) is a dimension where football takes on an extraordinary form, merging different realities into a singular, enthralling universe. In this realm, football pla…
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For The Guardian's Cardinal, book 1 in The Legends series. This is a basic introduction to my world 'Amora'. I will fill out certain aspects as I write The Legends series to help avoid spoilers. Nearing the 'End' of the first book I will complete in…
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This universe is where original erotic short stories with entirely fictional characters and scenarios will be posted. Each story varies in intensity but will never become grotesque in nature. Every story of mine will attempt to draw out arousal.
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Warriors: The Second Generation

"Thunder, shadow, wind, and river. All Clans will face great threats, from cats of the Dark Forest to the precious Moonstone being destroyed. They will face far more vicious problems than the Dark Forest. The Clans will face an army of two-legs. The…
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An uninhabited planet rich with minerals and nutrients has been located far from the intergalactic alliances reach. They have unanimously voted to send nine colonies of citizens representing each nation in the alliance. The goal is to forge a new wo…
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Fan-Fik Verse

This universe is the home of alternate and deviating stories of existing properties. Fan fiction stories, whether action packed, erotic, or otherwise can be found here!
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The Valerix Universe is a much touched on franchise. Here you can find everything Valerix related.
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The Splintered Verse

A world set in the modern age powered by magic. Its reality is slightly unstable, giving its occupants the means to manipulate it.
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Amber Kingdom

I have three trilogies planned already. It takes place in a world similar to our but with magical beings, extinct animals from the Miocene Era, gods, goddesses, demigods, and a plethora of other creatures and beings. The first Trilogy is the Guardia…
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This will be a three book series.
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Dream reams

In my stories, there will be frightening and sad moments. Some characters can die to never come back in the story. Sometimes, it's happy and funny, as it can be sad and action! It will ALWAYS be in the descriptions of my stories to let you know WHAT…
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The SARTAM Universe

This is the SARTAM universe, a completely original creation from my vivid imagination. Here will be where all main and side stories, character information, and main narrative plot lines will be available. Looking to turn this into an animated series…
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Skyland Falls

A glossary of people places and things in the Skyland Falls universe
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La vita di routine comprende i modi in cui le persone tendono ad agire, pensare e sentire quotidianamente. La vita quotidiana può essere descritta come banale, di routine, naturale, abituale o normale.
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Starry Eyes

This universe is really just a way to put 'My Eyes Are Stars' and its sequel in proper order for readers. Not much more than that.
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NR Novels's Award winning stories

This is a universe of my stories that are award winning featuring Paranormal Stories. And more coming soon.
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TB. Universe

This universe will include all of my works, canon and non-canon.
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Absens Sensus Saga

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The Universe of Anime

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The Uniserve of Fiction

Just Imagine
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The future is made of an infinite amount of possibilities each world containing their own story. While none of the stories aren't perfect it's the life the people live that make them special. For in the it's not the end that matters it's the journe…
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German YouTubers

This is the Universe for my series about different YouTubers from different countries. You can go ahead and check out the characters, plots, storylines and much more in here.
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Little Nymph Universe

I have been digging and digging through my brain, trying to envision Oakley's world, and every time the main three things come up. Its whimsical, mystical, and has elements of old and new technology due to a centuries war that broke out.
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The existence of each and everything in the universe in the limelight of Science, Spirituality, practicality and communication. i.e. where everything coincides perfectly.
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Egoist 455

Egoist 455 is not about your regular gameshow... The five lucky winners get a wonderful price: their deepest, most desired wish granted. However, for that sacred wish, all the other contestants.. must die. Five most selfish, egoistical teenagers wil…
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Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism

In this universe, we expose the war between good and evil. We present the thoughts of people suffering in this world of capitalism. Here is the Synopsis of the main story: It is a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of th…
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The World of Raul - The Daedlands

The world of Raul is forgotten by the gods, left to fall to ruins after a great magical catastrophe. The Arat-Tsat empire created the perfect conditions for the rip in the magical weave that is the center of the Daedlands, and the heart of a dead go…
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An Animals Myth

Stories about animal lives joining together.
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I am creating a world of equality.
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This Universe is based on a Roblox game: Doors
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The Concilliare

The detective is on a mission to restore the island from mysterious disappearances of ships and persons. The story of a family that migrated to the island and their level of significance on the same mission.
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The Universe of Space & Time

Space, Time, All.
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The Universe of History

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Eartha Replicia

The Universe is just like Earth but then the things that happened on Earth happened at different times as well as new things not experienced on Earth
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Time Seeker

This Story will be based on multiple main characters and their journey as they join each other in order to face a common threat. Even though there will be multiple Protagonist everyone will have their own unique story to deliver as well as a purpose…
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The setting of my isekai got bigger as the story and its setting got developed: now there are more historical facts and creative lore than I can take care of, which is why I decided to create a universe. I don't promise fast updates, since this is a…
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John Depp, Special Agent

This universe is dedicated to the series of book. "John Depp: Special Agent" This is the story of Special Agent of the FBI John Depp, former Green Beret, Texas Trooper and Texas Ranger. Book 1: Deadly Pride Book 2: Saints and Sinners Book 3: Black …
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The World of Pirates

This Universe is inspired on the movies Pirates of the Caribbean and it will help you understand the times, traditions, and life of colonialism in America. Still in progress!
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Hangout, but also you could if you want give me some ideas and tips/tricks to make my writing better. And how to make my writing good for you. But mostly, as a community!
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Smile Recreation is my number one focussed book that I am currently writing.
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D1 Keto Gummies

They contain freshly squeezed apple vinegar, which has been proven to aid in weight loss and lower blood sugar levels. Read more: https://www.nutritionsee.com/Dketsodgumghds
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A World Full of Heroes

In a parallel world where superpowers are possible because of a ruthless exiled man, Alexander Knight, the rest of the Knight's family, with powers of their own, band together to save a growing apocalyptic world from superhuman disaster.
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An Unexpected Death

“An Unexpected Death” is a poignant novel that explores the difficult topics of depression and suicide. Following the death of her best friend, Brooke, Celeste struggles to cope with her grief and feels isolated from those around her. Compounding he…
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The continent

The fantastic continent where the Kingdom of Underath is situated and where the six books of said series envelop.
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Welcome to Serenity, the outlands, life here is different. Very different.
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A land of magic where there are no ties between anyone just work magic and sacrifices where nobody cares but only human just a machine for the human word
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Since 1983
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The Raven's Devoted Follower (The Guest x Vanny)

A large AU where Vanny from FNAF: Security Breach and Hello Neighbor 2's The Guest meet.
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Sonder Saga

Currently in progress.
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Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies

Moonwlkr Delta 8 Gummies
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Reverse Heavens

How can one forest hide so many secrets? Find out here.
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After plague and death the united states has been divided into 14 territories and renamed Moviane. Year's of peace have overcame the land only to be interrupted to missing people and eventually the destruction of the state of Nei.
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another extra
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The Palace of Souls

The Palace of Souls, a magical hotel, situated in London is a hotel like any other. It caters solely to the most exclusive magical beings in the world and is a completely neutral zone. The Palace is a place of safety, sanctuary, refuge. But it i…
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1 Christmas

When the Water, Fire, and Earth faries are Defeated by the termines A baby girl with both wind and earth powers is born. Her mother. The last wind faire uses all of her magic to put The information The termines are after in a snowball. Then she cr…
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New London

Our world is very real. But there is another. It is slightly sinister, and dark clouds hang overhead like a shroud. New London is a mirror, held up to our London, and right now it is a city descending into chaos. Our London and New London are two …
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A survivor's dairy

Here the univers of an apocalypse of zombie. Through all the history you will read you gonna follow the step of her story, if you want to know more about her and her past, you need to read the books =]
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The Dream SMP

A new age for all of Minecraft. Join Dream Trap and his friends to embark on several adventures, which require having fun, skills, and maybe a bit of intelligence. RELEASES IN JANUARY 2023
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Age of mystic dragon

The war between good and evil has been going on since eternity. Cruelty may spread its wings over the entire sky or strengthen its roots upto 7 layers of the earth. Even then good prevails over evil.
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A world of dangers mistery and magic animals of the past flying dangers and more...
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A Supernatural Encounter with God , A Sinners Distorted Life Perspective of Reality, The Most Criticized and Yet Never Debunked Book in The World . Fragmented by 20 Years of Theological Research combined with ;Personal Spiritual Experiences from Mi…
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Earth but with magic

My world is more or less exactly the same as the world we currently live in, only difference is that ever single myth/legend and magic are real
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International Division

The International Division is a global force that controls most of the world. (This is a fictional world I've been working on for awhile now)
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Sealed In The Blood Of Love~LessJune

In a world where love becomes toxic, the blood of innocent lovers becomes the seal of all the worst things hidden in the dark. The world hidden within the darkness is never known to the victims. Walk with Evelyn, Caroline, and Timothy as they find o…
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Jelly dimensions

In the jelly dimension, all probabilities are as important as one millimeter in surgery while a group of scientists break it down. Hello readers, this world needs your help, which means that I am the first to organize it. Well, you can create an an…
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Hearthlands of Elderlore

The detailed collection of the writings, maps, illustrations, etc. of The Hearthlands of Elderlore.
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The back ends.

Okay, so it's time to make my dream story come true! It's bout a girl who every time she does something wrong she comes back on time and has to do it right. She cannot continue her life until it's been done the right way. But those powers will come …
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The 3 Realms

-The 3 Realms is a world full of war and peace, love and betrayal, light and darkness, birth and death. Choose your allies and enemies wisely and keep the gods on your side - they have a tendency to play by their rules. Don't stumble or you'll fall …
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A world with seven Gods tends to be as diverse as the areas they rule, but the God of the Earth and its short-tempered retainer will bring true changes
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Adult stories of supernatural creatures taking advantage of innocent females and males for thirst pleasure
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Seatown Streets

A fantisy world of monsters wizards magic and industry a noir of a sireal city by the Sea
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Marie is a 9 year old girl who finds out she is magic. Her parents were taken because the guards thought they were magic. Now she is trying to find who is out there just like her. And she wont stop until she makes it equal for people who are magic o…
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Dragon World

This world is full of wonders and you will see that in this world human's exsist
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The Azure Vales

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Bleach: Thousand Years of Regret

Requirements - Knowing how to draw - Having read Bleach (sound the Captain Obvious alarm) - Having a Patreon to advertise, otherwise i can't pay you Don't worry 'bout the story, i'll hand you a script every certain amount of chapters
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Blue Venus

Modern Poems of love, Life and problems
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Las ventanas del dragon

Es una de las ventanas dimensiones que se habre cundo se rompe la piedra del poder es un futura en un mundo alternativo mas futurista
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Hell's Gate

This universe is about my new dystopian world. I hope you all like it. I am working very hard to make this universe awesome.
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Every emotion Viewed through my poetry.
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This is the world of Mystery thriller!
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The Incredible, Unforeseen WORLD

This world brings you a lot of imaginations, plus makes you walk through many post-apocalyptic adventures!
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A world where humans co-exist with supernatural creatures under the watchful eyes of the gods and goddesses.
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G - 2

In the Universe G - 2 all men and animals are concerned with Internet. A team of the wisest men lead the G-2 with the help of technology. Only one rule for all - " Everyone is relative", that means respect all and no hate, no harm. There is no enmi…
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Available on Kindle/Amazon for free reading and for sale ---- My skin slides against the wooden floor, leaving pieces of splinter stuck inside, "Issabella, get up, now!" Fresh blood enters my nostrils; mom's grim view frightens me, "Why are you cove…
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Earth Wars

It is an alternate history world where irene and Charlemagne married and united the Holy Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire
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Romantical Tyrst Gaia

A place where the love of others dictates one’s actions instead of acting on selfish and greedy wants. Soulmates are linked and immersed into one another following the same path and growing together with their hearts beating as one.
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This is to become a Magic themed, fantasy world. Races will include elves, dwarves, humans, werefolk and vampires All creatures have access to varying levels of magic.
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Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë

Ancient myths and legends happened in the Seven Worlds of the Alentë Nebula in Unir. When the Nameless came, the Lord of the Darkness was influenced, and the civilizations were corrupted. Is there any hope to prosper?
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