Behind Me

Histoire non vérifiée Alice, an ordinary teenager, faced an attempted murder by a serial killer. A survivor, she embarked on a journey of recovery and revenge with the help of Detective John. Her peaceful life was turned upside down, but now she was determined to bring justice to evil.
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Samhain Part I

Histoire non vérifiée When they decided to travel to Ireland to celebrate Halloween on their ancestors' land they never thought their lives would turn into a nightmare. Two young couples, friends since college traveled to northern Ireland to find their roots but found more than they bargained for. They will find out that Halloween and Samhain are not the same. The one…
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Incredibly Unforgivable

Imagine waking up next to a stranger who claims to be your husband. The only thing you know for sure is that he is not your husband!
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Treasures of the Heart

English translation of "Tesoros del Corazón." Laura receives a mysterious letter with no sender. Intrigued, she follows clues that lead her to significant places in her life, connecting her with her past. Along the way, she relives forgotten memories and suspects that the sender could be an old friend. The search leads her to a heartwarming disco…
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The Dreadful Heart

Histoire non vérifiée Prologue The human heart, how dreadful. Plotting despicable thoughts against one another. All for what? Money, love? Not necessary, if you ask me. This tale is a web of love, obsession, betrayal, and hate entangled with one another. Read as the characters uncover burning secrets. Would forgiveness be the order of the day or revenge has taken the l…
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Mystery Letter

Une partie de l’univers de John Depp, Special Agent A story related to one of the cases FBI Special Agent, John Depp, is working on. This new development will lead to a sex scandal in the Capitol.
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The Memories Remain

She woke up with memories that seemed hers but weren't familiar. Out of the blue she was saddled with a husband and a kid that she couldn't remember, and he was dangerous and wanted her dead. She knew who she was, and no make-believe would make her think otherwise. There was something deadly going on, and she would unravel it to get her life back.…
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Living in an Endless Dream

This short story was specifically written for the Event: Chasing Dreams. I hope you enjoy it and you check my other stories, as well. #3 in the Inkspired Challenge Chasing Dreams
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Bloodline Legacy:Death in New Jersey

Histoire non vérifiée (BOOK 1) Jeremy Wood is your basic rich guy, at least that's what others see. No one notices the scars that were inflicted on him. He plays a normal guy all too well. His past he keeps buried as deep as he can. One thing he knows for sure is that she's the reason he started killing. He can't stop no matter how much he tries. Jeremy just graduat…
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Icicle Child.

We enter the life of a private eye; the most disturbing murders that beckon his calling. David has to be careful not to mix up family life and work with this new killer scaring the streets; lucky for him, the people around him should keep him sane from the killer's insanely mind. The legacy will forever be sealed as greatness.
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Handprints in the mirror, eating the hair, footsteps on the dust, mysterious smells, child touch, baldness, a cut nose, hanging corpse, murder and gunfire. What is happening is true and what is going to happen is also true. What is in front of the eyes is true and what is hidden from the eyes is also true. Whether the crime is committed by humans…
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Histoire interactive


When you lose your parents at a young age, have no living family, and go through the system, all seems lost. But when you're taken to a lovely town with loving guardians and everything you ever wanted, you think you've won the lottery. But when things don't seem to click in this town, you do what you have to do to survive.
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Histoire non vérifiée A girl,an alien and one big secret
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Un lycée particulier

Histoire non vérifiée Cette histoire est inspirée de l'anime: dagaranpa.Faites les bons choix et sortez de ce lycée!
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The matter of dreams

Histoire non vérifiée Read to hit your thinking ability
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Histoire interactive

Kharizma: The Unnamed Author

Kharizma Ramirez is a renowned author, branded as "The Unnamed Author" for her mystery-thriller books and elusive identity. In a twist of fate, she finds herself transported into the very pages of her latest draft novel, facing a daunting challenge. With no predetermined ending and events spiraling out of control, Kharizma must survive the unpredi…
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Messages sent in Sunsetport

It all begins with a murder. Then, it turns into a suicide. Finally, a chess match against a secret admirer. Zoe Clarkson, 35 years old, a homicide inspector and lover of crustaceans. She was transferred to Sunsetport to work on the “Surgeon Case,” where her intuition saved numerous lives. Since then, she has remained in service to the city's poli…
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The night falls into solitude. One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember..
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Dead unfaithful

Histoire non vérifiée The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???
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Histoire non vérifiée 2022 here i come🥳
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Always But Never

Eight has been a Rakhaire for over two hundred years, fighting against the evil spirits called Reekhs. His life, his existence has only one meaning, which is to protect humanity and maintain the cloak between the human world and the spiritual world. However, both worlds intertwine when a human called June can see through the cloak, exposing hersel…
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Pearlwood's Gossips

The Russell's house has always been the subject of gossip in Pearlwood. They say that many people have disappeared in it, including the Russells themselves. The investigation remained unresolved, and it was preferred to believe that it was all the result of collective paranoia. Matthew and his friends visit Pearlwood, Samuel's parents' hometown. T…
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The tail of a child of magic

Histoire non vérifiée Hi I am the author of this book so this book is about a kid who travels to another dimension
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Histoire non vérifiée MY BRUSH WITH THE AMBASSADOR OF SATAN- is my true life experience with an emissary from satan who subtly appeared and disappeared to destroy me. This encounter was not just an ordinary one because my future, ministry,etc all depended on which way Victory tilts itself! Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of hea…
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The Devil's Dance

Histoire non vérifiée Mercury is stuck between a rock and a hard place when she finds herself falling inlove with the enemy. it's a beautiful twist of love, drugs and suspense while danger is all part of the ride.
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The Cartoonist

Histoire non vérifiée Leah Drew daughter of Joey Drew gets betrayed by him and dies because of him, but later on she returns stronger than ever.
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Midnight Call

Krista Dunaway is escaping from a dangerous situation from her past and decides to take a radical turn in her life by moving to New York. Until now, her life has been calm and able to heal the emotional scars of her past, but something keeps her alert. When the pandemic hits, something different begins to happen to her in her new apartment, Krista…
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Samhain Part II

Histoire non vérifiée When they decided to travel to Ireland to celebrate Halloween on their ancestors' land they never thought their lives would turn into a nightmare. Two young couples, friends since college traveled to northern Ireland to find their roots but found more than they bargained for. They will find out that Halloween and Samhain are not the same. The ones…
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