The Unknown Connection

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Unknown Connection Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Mistaken Identity Summary: In The Unknown Connection, the readers embark on a thrilling journey alongside the male protagonist, Ivan. When he stumbles upon an astonishing revelation, his world is turned upside down. It all begins when he uncovers a mysterious link to an individual who…
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Nomen (Eng)

Histoire non vérifiée A name is nothing more than the way to identify a person among others. But what about the story behind that name?
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She Was My Assassin

Histoire non vérifiée Title: She Was My Assassin Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Mystery of Love Summary: In "She Was My Assassin," readers are drawn into a gripping tale of danger, intrigue, and unexpected romance. Meet the enigmatic male protagonist, whose identity is shrouded in mystery. He is a skilled and ruthless assassin, operating in the shadows, carrying ou…
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The Run of No Return

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Run of No Return Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Running Scared Summary: In a dystopian world ruled by fear and oppression, Harper's ordinary life takes a dangerous turn when he uncovers a shocking secret. Now a target of the ruthless regime, he must embark on a treacherous journey for survival and freedom. "The Run of No Return" is a…
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The Wood Behind My House

Histoire non vérifiée Do you have a woods at the end of your garden? Well, i think its time for you to move, after reading this short story...
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Don't Mess Around The Dark Haired Boy

Title: Don't Mess Around The Dark Haired Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bonds of Brotherhood Summary: The enigmatic and mysterious Brothers of the Dark take a center stage. Rumors and speculation have swirled around the five brothers for years, with nobody truly knowing who they truly are or what secrets they hold. Despite their cold exte…
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Bring Back, Dalton

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Bring Back, Dalton Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bad Boys In Town Summary: In the sleepy town of Maple Ridge, where time seemed to move at a languid pace, an enigmatic figure had vanished into thin air, setting the stage for a gripping tale. Jake Warren Dalton, the town's infamous bad boy, disappeared without a single trace, leaving his…
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The Town That Christmas Forgot

Can one woman restore her own Christmas spirit by bringing the joys of the holidays to a small town? *** It's nearly Christmas and everyone is getting ready for the festive season. Well, nearly everyone. Kara Miller, couldn't care less about the upcoming holiday when she is the last between her siblings to find someone to share the festivities w…
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The Missing File

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Missing File Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Greatest Invention Summary: In the gritty urban landscape of "The Missing File," we follow the relentless journey of our enigmatic protagonist, Hayden Mercer. Haunted by angst and driven by an insatiable thirst for truth, Hayden finds himself entangled in a web of mystery that unveils a…
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Devil's Business [#2]

Histoire non vérifiée the investigation continues, into the death of the lawyer, but, now, we have a very big accomplice, the police chief was very angry after all the work for nothing by Dan and his team, that's why he joined a new heroine, Helena.
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A Maze To Your Heart

Histoire non vérifiée Title: A Maze To Your Heart Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Magic of Love Summary: In the whimsical tapestry of "Magic of Love," where reality intertwines with the surreal, prepare to embark on an enchanting journey with our enigmatic male protagonist, Adrian Hartley. His story unfolds against a backdrop that seamlessly blends angst, mystery, br…
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The Ghost of You

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Ghost of You Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Ghost of the Past Summary: In the dimly lit corners of The Ghost of You, a narrative shrouded in enigma and heavy with emotion unfolds. We delve deep into the lives of its characters, primarily focusing on Zachariah, a man haunted by the spectral specters of his past. This narrative gem is …
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The Power of Love and Deceit

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Power of Love and Deceit Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Mystery of Love Summary: In the enigmatic world of "The Power of Love and Deceit", we are introduced to our enigmatic male protagonist, Lucas Thorne, a man with a past shrouded in shadows and a heart filled with secrets. In a narrative that traverses the realms of angst, mystery…
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Echoes Beyond Twilight: Symphony of Shadows

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Echoes Beyond Twilight: Symphony of Shadows Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Echoes Beyond Twilight Summary: In the looming shadows of a metropolis, "Echoes Beyond Twilight: Symphony of Shadows" unfurls a gripping tale centered around Ethan, our enigmatic male protagonist. Abandoned by his parents, he steps into an elevator, unwittingly se…
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The Mystery Hotel

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Mystery Hotel Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Puzzle of Mystery Summary: In the dimly lit city of Noirhaven, a brooding male protagonist named Kane Drake finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue at the enigmatic "Mystery Hotel." This elusive establishment is a labyrinth of secrets, where every corridor conceals a shadowy past …
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The Unwanted

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Unwanted Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Beauty In Beast Summary: In the gritty underbelly of a nameless city, Desolation Meadows where shadows whispered secrets and despair clung to every crumbling brick, a man named Alex Donovan walked alone, a beacon of angst and unresolved mysteries. Alex, our enigmatic protagonist, bore the weigh…
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Silent Love

Histoire non vérifiée Everything might seems going more than alright in your life, you have a stable job, a beautiful house, and you are seeing a girl; it looks perfect until that girl goes missing, now the question arises. What happened to her?
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Hearts on the Edge

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Hearts on the Edge Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Emergency Romance Summary: Hearts on the Edge is an electrifying tale of love and adrenaline that follows the lives of two thrill-seeking emergency responders whose paths intertwine in a whirlwind of passion and danger. As they push the boundaries of their high-risk careers, they find the…
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Shadows in the Mist

Histoire non vérifiée In the depths of space, aboard a seemingly abandoned spaceship, a crew of explorers stumbles upon a mysterious mist that shrouds the corridors in darkness. As they venture deeper into the shadows, they realize they are not alone. Whispers echo through the mist, and sinister figures lurk just beyond sight. Trapped in the suffocating embrace of the …
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Bloodline Legacy:Death Behind Closed Doors

Histoire non vérifiée BOOK 2 After the death of Jeremy, Bethany remarried to Jared Yaeter. The same man responsible for gunning down LJ's father. Bethany has a new family she loves more than LJ. LJ starts to resent her but finds solace in his brother Lukas. Many years later Lj and Lukas own a farm where they work together. They sell Meats made of human organs, carryin…
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Hijos de la oscuridad

Histoire non vérifiée ¿Qué harías si un día tu familia es asesinada por un completo extraño? Yo tuve la desgracia de vivirlo y sobrevivir para contarlo.
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The Stranger that Watches. By Skintech

Histoire non vérifiée A poem about: A stranger tells a woman that walks by everyday, something or someone has been following her.
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Samhain Part II

Histoire non vérifiée When they decided to travel to Ireland to celebrate Halloween on their ancestors' land they never thought their lives would turn into a nightmare. Two young couples, friends since college traveled to northern Ireland to find their roots but found more than they bargained for. They will find out that Halloween and Samhain are not the same. The ones…
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Shadows of the forgotten

Histoire non vérifiée In "Shadows of the Forgotten," Sarah embarks on a solitary quest to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic disappearances plaguing her hometown. Ignited by the sudden vanishing of her closest friend, Sarah delves deep into the town's hidden past, unearthing long-buried secrets and confronting sinister forces that lurk in the shadows. With each rev…
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A Partner's Journal

Histoire non vérifiée This book/story is 'bout a police detective named Raven Spencer. She lives in a very small town. Called Salem Creek. Where everybody knows one another...too dang well. 'N' everything they say/do/etc.. Raven's father/James Spencer is the sheriff of the town...which means, they work together. Not every single day is a pleasant/excitin'/etc. on…
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The man with the hood

Vanessa has had an accident and remembers nothing. The only remnant of her past that remains with her are her strange dreams about a man in a hoodie. Who is this man? Why can't she remember anything? She will do anything to unravel these mysteries
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Sans réfléchir

Histoire non vérifiée Lya, 30 ans, voit sa vie bouleversée après la perte de l’amour de sa vie. Décidée à obtenir des réponses, elle retourne là où tout a commencé, là replongeant au cœur de l’horreur.
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Anna's Secret

Histoire non vérifiée "What If You Don't Know Your Secret?" In the gripping thriller, "Anna's Secret," a 17-year-old girl named Anna, her calm life becomes fearful when a strange person enters her world. Anna gets annoyed with him following her around and she soon discovers that he keeps a secret about her which can shake her world. At the same time, heartbreaking…
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