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Handprints in the mirror, eating the hair, footsteps on the dust, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, baldness, a cut nose, hanging corpse, murder and gunfire. What is happening is true and what is going to happen is also true. What is in front of the eyes is true and what is hidden from the eyes is also true. Whether the crime is committed by …
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Recent events show multiple kids going... missing. When a few kids figure out the truth about what's happening, they must find out who's behind all these horrible acts. TW: Murder, violence (I'm sorry, it's horrible, but it's a murder mystery, after all.)
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The Shawkin's Lab

Une partie de l’univers de Vijay~books This is the story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saved their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed.
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The story of a doctor who learns to overcome his great fears
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