Un amour pas comme les autres

Il ne sait pas comment décrire son amour a cette fille... Il devra donc s’y prendre par la violence....
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The Gang Leader's Girl

Amy is a 17 year old teenage girl with a normal life. She has a wonderful father, amazing friends and a loving but mysterious boyfriend. She then decides to follow Dave, her boyfriend and ends up at a creepy warehouse, just to find out that he's a gang leader. Join Amy as she lands in a world filled with rivalry, guns and scary but hot as fuck gu…
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Une Vie à Aimer

[TERMINÉ] L'amour peut-il exister pour un ado qui s'enfuit par la peur? Les tentations aux sex, l'amour, les drogues, les armes et Sasckiel au milieu de toute cette merde. Le tragique univers de Sasckiel plein de racisme, trahison et d'amis toxiques. L'amour est-il de taille à pouvoir faire face à ce vide qui fait de Sasckiel un imposteur pour ça…
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All I Ever Wanted

Chloe Smith- 17-year old high school student has moved to Manhattan to live with her mother because 'it's what's best for her'. But does she really know what's best for her since everything she does causes her problems? Her entire family is a disaster and with her mother getting married after the divorce, she has learnt hate life even more. Will s…
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Secrets Of The Heart

In a small town, Emma, Ryan, and Sofia embark on a thrilling journey of love, mystery, and self-discovery. Emma's discovery of a mysterious diary sets her on a quest for answers, testing her loyalty and courage. Ryan, her best friend, grapples with his feelings for Emma, torn between love and preserving their friendship. Sofia harbors her own love…
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Charlie's diary

Charlie is gonna tell you about her life
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Vous savez ce que c'est de fuir ? Il faut mettre sa vie en suspens pour sauver sa peau. On fait ce genre de chose pour survivre mais c'est surtout parce qu'une rencontre peut tout faire basculer et après il me reste quoi ? Je n'ai plus de vie. Je n'ai plus le droit de m'attacher à quelqu'un. Je n'ai plus le droit de me mêler à la foule. Je …
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La femme au collier

Nouveau dîner chez les Waterloo. Cette fois ci, j'y étais allée avec ma nouvelle amie Charlotte. Mais, tout a capoté encore une fois... On a volé le collier de Mme Waterloo ! Le problème est que Mary Anne est soupçonnée d'en être l'auteur ! Mais je suis sûre qu'elle n'y est pour rien. Je vais faire tout pour prouver son innocence !
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Curly Headed Cutie

When awkward, anxious teen, Tiffany Green, accidentally spills her drink on the school's "asshole/badass", Travis Reel, she runs away before he could even ask her name. Little does Tiffany know, this caught his attention...
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Zaylee (PAUSED)

A year ago I committed a suicide attempt, and I can assure you that I did it not because I was selfish, I did it because I just wanted to end the suffering, a nightmare from which I could not wake up. I'm Zaylee Schneider and this is my story. | BEFORE READING | This novel contains topics such as self-harm, suicide, mental illness and other issues…
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The World That Calls

When the Haynes twins are tasked to go on an adventure with a mysterious stranger, they are thrown into a world filled with betrayal, magic and monarchs. Will they have the skill and willpower to survive? Who is keeping secrets? Who won't make it? Who will?
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Last Chance

Looking at the list of candidates my dad had established for me I got even more depressed, I couldn't just marry somebody who was only interested in my money and body. Looking up I saw him, he has always been there for me since he started working for my dad. We used to play together since we were kids, becoming a teenager was easier by his side a…
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High Moon

Sage Miller had an almost normal life, at least until she turned 16. Sage finds that a world she didn't even know existed is on the brink of danger, and that she plays a bigger role in that life than in her normal one. Jake Willison has a normal life, at least as normal as being a werewolf can get. Being the soon-to-be Alpha has put a lot of pres…
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Forever FareWell

Lorelei lived your average teenage girl life, partying every friday night, late night calls gossiping with her girl-friends about their newest fantasy with some highschool guy & even heart breaks and spilled tears when a relationship falls short. When she's just near to graduate highschool and move onto bigger things in life a sudden mystery appea…
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True Love

An average high schooler, who has had so many troubles growing up, and another high schooler who has had so many traumatic experiences in the past, would they cross paths and find true love, stay tuned for more.
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Ready or Not

"Stay away from him, Kayden. Stay away from the both of them." I warn. He lets out a bark of a laugh, "I created you, Max! I don't know how you got the gem but I need you to give it here or else." I scoff, "Or else what?"
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Meeting Me In Between

I never imagined I would know what it feels like to see through someone's soul. I could see his soul - his eyes showed his truth but I never imagined it would feel like this, his soul completely bedazzled me. It completely overwhelmed me and I couldn't get enough of that sensation.
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Histoire non vérifiée Un groupe de quatre adolescents nommés Tiago, Hyunae, Lya et Yunjin vont êtres amenés à changer complètement leur façon de vivre. Tiago, Hyunae et Lya sont orphelins depuis leur naissance et vivent à l'internat tandis que Yunjin à été abandonnée dès son plus jeune âge et a dû affronter les dangers de la rue. Entre amour et aventure, ce roman vous …
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My Life

The story goes through the life of a young girl named Kate and each chapter is her age and how she grew up and lived her life the decisions she makes and the friends she gains and loses
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Taming A Wild Rose

Danielle Peach Williams and Colton Ryker Blueman. This is love story, the cliche romantic,funny and mostly weird love story about a girl and boy. About a nerdy girl who fell in love with a gangleader. A retelling of Romeo and Juliet in my own way. A love story that has no boundaries. A love story that has no beginning nor ending. They sa…
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In Pursuit of a Mirage

In the shadows of high school, Emily, feeling ordinary, crafts a new persona to catch Jason's eye. The allure of transformation fades as she confronts the fragility of facades, discovering that the true beauty lies in the authenticity she feared to reveal. The canvas of self-discovery unfolds, painting a narrative of love, acceptance, and the stre…
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Histoire interactive

The Bet (The Bet #1)

High school seniors, Kim, Cat, Evie and Leah are heading into their last year of high school. Knowing it could be their last year they get to spend hanging out together as their little group, Kim devises a bet for them to help make their last year memorable. With the rules and prizes established during their end of summer sleepover, the four frie…
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La princesse Rebelle.

Histoire non vérifiée venant d’une famille royale, elle doit s’habituer aux tenues de « petites filles ». A 15 ans elle enfreint la plupart des règles de vies qu’ont inscrits ses parents et devient là rebelle de sa ville.
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IMAGITOPIA. “ WHERE ARE WE?” A journey to another world. A world unexpected, with magic and adventure. “ WE NEED TO HELP THEM.” came to save the world of magic… Imagitopia. ” I have come here to get my answers.” She has come to get her answer but get to all the answers before knowing it. Can Sophia and Alex, together save IMAGITOPIA?
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More than a broken mate

Violet a girl that never though that her life was a lie until her "Father" gave it away. What she never expect was that she was going to find her only and true love on the way.
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Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Contracts with demons usually end with the contractor's soul being taken. Make a contract with two, and you're walking on thin ice. Lavender Kingsley knew her fate and yet.. she's willing to do what it takes to get her demons to fall in love with her.
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Declining Destiny

When all else fails in this world you can create your own. At least that's how Elena escapes her troubled reality. She is tormented and pushed around by everyone in her present, and haunted by those in her past. She can't find love with the one who hates her and she can't find it at home. But when her laptop goes on, she becomes Phoenix the Surviv…
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The Moment We Knew

Quinn Hayes is the Daughter of a powerful Alpha, but her pack is not the most powerful. The Blood Moon pack reigns over all of the other packs, conquering them and wiping them all out. What happens when Quinn's pack is next? And when her mate happens to be the one and only Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack?
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