True Darkness

This is a dystopian story about a little boy and his family.
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Sam haim

It is Hunter’s Moon at The Coven.
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The River's waters next to the Tree

In 2018, I took part in a Challenge of the Brazilian Embassy and made a short story about a tree that sang to a river. Only now, in 2020, I could write this tale here: the singing-answer from that river. Hope you like it :)
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A Sweet Touch

An unexpected visit, or perhaps a long-awaited one, appears next to a hospital bed. What will be its intention?
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When the Sun sets

One day, in the Stream Valley, the Sun refused to rise.
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The same old me!

Histoire non vérifiée After the two hectic years of pandemic, Who do you think changed?
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Smart Watch

Histoire non vérifiée UbiTrack’s Civilian Wristband is more than a watch. It packs some exciting features such as a touch screen, SOS emergency, and much more. It is a heart rate monitor wristband that tells the heartbeat and pulse rate of the bearer at any instant.
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The Intent Behind L.O.V.E

Histoire non vérifiée This story explains what people in relationships tend to do with love with respect to what love is intended to mean
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My Falsified Result

Histoire non vérifiée It paints an impression of what my childhood days looked like, when it comes to attitude towards my academic life.
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Narcissia and her servants

Histoire non vérifiée Queen Narcissia never treated her servants fairly… *From my “Anastasia’s adventures” stories.
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Gehenna’s sadness

Histoire non vérifiée Gehenna felt a great sadness with being in the coven… *From my “Tessa and Gehenna Blythe” stories.
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Online Videochat Agency

Histoire non vérifiée Studio videochat online in Romania Recomandat de Elite Agency We Create model de top! În medie, un model de videochat câștigă plata la 100 USD pe oră și 10.000 USD pe lună! Angajari model videochat Vrei sa te intretii singura si sa ai o viata lipsita de griji? Vino la Elite Agency si profita de unul dintre locurile de munca studio videochat din …
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How A Man Complaint Against Domestic Violence With Him In Court?

Histoire non vérifiée Website: READ MORE: https://…
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Stephen tells Michelle and Rochelle the truth

Histoire non vérifiée What if Michelle and Rochelle were cousins? *From my “Anastasia’s adventures” stories.
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Alone in her mansion

Histoire non vérifiée Gehenna Blythe looks outside her mansion and imagines a life where she is free… *From my “Tessa and Gehenna Blythe” stories.
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Eva's Choice

Histoire non vérifiée While she decides her lunch, Eva goes to the fruit stall to buy lemons. On the way, her thoughts about dating Milena or Felipe remerge and a decision has to be made. Published in Revista Paranhana Literário. November. ed. p. 67. 2021.
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A hunter

Histoire non vérifiée Yip
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Histoire non vérifiée I’m here now, no need to be afraid.
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What is the difference between CrPC and IPC?

Histoire non vérifiée Website: READ MORE:…
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Rochelle missed her parents

Histoire non vérifiée Rochelle would look out her bedroom window and think of her dear parents… *From my “Anastasia’s adventures” stories.
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Tessa meeting her new family

Histoire non vérifiée This was when Tessa met her new family. *From my “Tessa and Gehenna” stories.
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When The Tree Man Awakens

Histoire non vérifiée First time writer. Dipping into my imagination and experimenting with, Fantasy Erotica. Writing for fun and enjoyment, and sharing my thoughts and fantasies with like-minded individuals. I wish to create a safe space, not only for myself but others as well, by being authentic with my truth and accepting all of my beautiful shadows, in all their hu…
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Fear From Freedom

Histoire non vérifiée Look, my brother, the peacock further said, man does not want to live in freedom but in a chain made by himself. You imitated man, man drew a cage line for you too.
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Joseph wished for Anastasia to be his…

Histoire non vérifiée Joseph loved Anastasia… …Maybe obsession was a better word for it… *From my “Anastasia’s adventures” stories.
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Tessa’s old life

Histoire non vérifiée This is a glimpse of Tessa’s old life, when she was merely known as Teresa. *From my “Tessa and Gehenna” stories.
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When Anastasia was elected to be Queen

Histoire non vérifiée How Anastasia got elected to be Queen. *From my “Anastasia’s adventures” stories.
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Tessa thinks of her old family

Histoire non vérifiée Tessa sometimes thinks of her old life… *From my “Tessa and Gehenna” stories.
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My Baby Sister

Histoire non vérifiée My story of my blessed wish. This is a short poetry of my Baby sister.
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