The Library Of Echoes

When a group of individuals from different backgrounds join forces, they discover the power of collaboration and friendship. Together, they face obstacles with unwavering determination and support, proving that unity can bring joy, strength, and triumph in the face of adversity.
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Glimpses of the Digital Frontier

Hunter's life in a bustling city is disrupted by bizarre glitches in reality. With the help of Kira and tech-savvy Michael, they uncover a self-aware entity trapped in a digital realm, leading them on a quest that challenges the boundaries of existence and ethics. Can they free the entity without unraveling their own reality?
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The Ticking Leap.

Single man Max goes out to the nightclub in one year, he wakes up in a completely different year, married.
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Without Borders

Step into the near future, where exhilaration and fear collide in HC Holbert's latest masterpiece. This compelling tale captivates readers, drawing them into a world both exciting and terrifying. In this must-read book, Holbert weaves a narrative that resonates with raw emotion. Each page is infused with potent storytelling, gripping the reader's …
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Beyond the Stars

This story is about a group of everyday people who embark on a thrilling journey through uncharted territories in the vast expanse of space. They face incredible challenges, encounter extraterrestrial beings, and unravel the mysteries that lie beyond our solar system. It's a tale of curiosity, courage, and the relentless human spirit as they push …
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ThE BoOk Of FuTuRe

Come on be be the part of future and explore it . So be ready and jump into the portal that will take you to future.
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Striking Confidence! The Story Of Rodrey Mitchells

Une partie de l’univers de The SARTAM Universe The planet of Cinthyatar adores physical activity, mainly sports! Soccer, basketball, and baseball are some of the low popularity ones. The most popular sport on the planet is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since the Cinthyan race is naturally pacifistic, the cybernetic men and women who watch this sport on Holovision are always mesmerized by the punch…
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A Consensual Hallucination

Pecker has been upgrading his WetWare piece by piece, and when a score threatens to take him out from under the thumb of a Corp, heads roll.
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Sweets & Smiles: The Bitter-Tasting Story Of Paulena Pollux

Une partie de l’univers de The SARTAM Universe In the technological world of Cinthyatar and lower class area of Cytorae City, a lovely young woman famed for her expert culinary skills in her neighborhood lands a spot as a pastries vendor in the city's upper and elite area and attempts to bedazzle the locals with her tasty treats. A story of abuse, self-love, self-loathing, and social dilemmas …
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The Lost Robot

I am lost in this pitiful world and may be gone .
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Une partie de l’univers de Serenity What would you do if you know the truth? What is the real reason our ancestors had to leave the Planet called 'Terra 1'?! This story goes out to this one special Person on the Westside!!! Yeah you!!!
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A Future Story

The future is bleak, but not for Tannhaüser.
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Du jamais vu
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Blue plates

Une partie de l’univers de ParalefikZland Strange blue plates begin to appear around the world, containing collections of stories collected under the name ParalefikZland. Eventually, these stories will be published in several volumes, when the plates are collected, translated and organized.
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Memories from other realities

Une partie de l’univers de ParalefikZland Collection of short stories from ParalefikZland. Most recent story: A place near Híns -- Líe watches her dad being taken away. A short tale which may be longer, but no other plates for it have been found.
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Une partie de l’univers de ParalefikZland From the Chronicles from Fictional Beings collection. A Traveler gives Ánderwo the opportunity to travel to other realities, making him understand the truth of being able to exist in many worlds. At the same time, Altréu suffers from a strange condition that makes him travel to other worlds while he sleeps, causing him to neglect the people in his…
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Une partie de l’univers de ParalefikZland From the Alternative Paths collection. Three allegorical tales about the implications of universal travels appear before Áigen and Yelái. They decide to visit some very peculiar entities to get their opinion about these tales, experiencing at the same time different ways of facing fictions and realities.
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Cet homme a fini par trouver son vrai destin
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