7 key Signs that you need Water Heater Repair

Histoire non vérifiée In order to maintain a secure and pleasant house, water heater repair is important. While most homeowners can save money by doing repairs themselves, not everyone has the skills or tools necessary for certain types of repairs like installing new parts or replacing old ones.
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The Factions

Histoire non vérifiée War brakes out. How will it end? Will it end? Find out by reading
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Fern : The Cure

Histoire non vérifiée In a dystopia where there are no forests in the world. Brazilian Silvia Ramos will embark on a journey to achieve what could be the cure for humanity. But the cure for what? *THE FULL STORY JUST AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM*
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The Woman Who Fell To Earth

Histoire non vérifiée Darcy Cipriani bungee jumps through time from 2028 to the year 2828, landing hard on an ancient dry riverbed. She's critically injured in the fall. Ol'khor N'hiret, an alien doctor conducting a triage class by the riverbed, gets her immediate medical attention. Over time they fall in love. He receives a promotion and transfer to a deep space stati…
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The Holdaren Chronicles

Histoire non vérifiée John, a human pilot, crashes on an alien planet. He's critically injured and rescued by Dalka, the last Holdaren warrioress, and her children. He's nursed back to health and eventually falls in love with her. He's rescued a few years later. John and his family then try to rebuild their lives in space.
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Stone And Q'Veldrah: An Intergalactic Love Story

Histoire non vérifiée Stone Marchand, a human from Seti Delta 2 in Federation Directorate territory, meets Q'Veldrah, a N'hazudh woman living on an ice planet, in an anonymous intergalactic dating site. Both are divorced with daughters. They quickly fall in love and marry without knowing what the other looks like, per dating site rules. They plan for her and her daug…
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A B'Hati Saga

Histoire non vérifiée Chaeyah Portinh is captured by B'hati warrior Takhaht and taken aboard his ship. In order to ensure her humane treatment there, he marries her. They're badly injured in a crash and recover on his home planet where he partially reconciles with his family. They build a life together and help establish a new B'hati colony.
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Deep Space: The Blarzodh Legacy

Va'rop Blarzodh, a Dehmo Empire warrior, marries Bhodima, a Katchik woman, in an arranged honor marriage, a Katchik marriage in name only. They eventually meet in person and start a family; first on the space station he's stationed on then, years later, on his home planet of Dehmo, beginning a legacy that would last centuries.
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Four Methods for Preventing Medical Errors

Histoire non vérifiée Medical errors can result in serious health problems, disabilities, or even death. Since medical professionals are human, mistakes do happen.
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The Case Of The Missing General

Histoire non vérifiée In The Case Of The Missing General, long time investigative reporter Steven J. Stedinger takes the most unusual and controversial case of his career involving the claim that inter-dimensional portals really exist!
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The Voyager

Histoire non vérifiée When an alien civilisation came to our earth, they told us they could bring prosperity to us, they lied, now earth is a molten rock floating through space, that is the work of the Draxans, now the remains of Mankind travel upon massive ships known as Voyagers, we haven't seen a Draxan in decades, but should keep our fear up, and our guns.
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Histoire non vérifiée Far in the future, mankind survived the third world war, nuclear war. Radiation killed more than half of the earth’s population, but over time people rebuilt the world, learned to live with it and the only thing the radiation left them were special abilities, superpowers, which society didn't accept, didn't understand and they started oppressing t…
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ALiEn In AtoMiC IntEliGenCe°•▪.

Histoire non vérifiée War is now! Now is know in hands have a bomb atomic cience for future aliens soldiers braking down worlds, and today: that: Earth! See in next time: Breaking thrown in the future and passed sky and clouds open down! Hydrogen bomb and bomb thermnuclear!
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What are the various healthcare marketing strategies?

Histoire non vérifiée Using the data from digital marketing and analyzing it for better marketing is the focus of all the good healthcare marketing agencies. Having a clear approach in the right direction is what provides amazing results.
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Liberator (custom music)

Histoire non vérifiée This is the first step to Morgan's story in the Morotho galaxy as she attempts to fight a rising military power firstly know as the Crimson Protection Service which people think will become an empire. With the help of her friends, she tries to stomp out the flames of the rising empire. In her attempts, she becomes a symbol for hope and a spokesper…
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The Grithollows and the elements of power

Histoire non vérifiée A captivating story of 3 friends who find specisl stones to ultimate power and journey to stop great evil
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The power of the gods

Histoire non vérifiée Following the flood of Delta rays on the Earth, a good part of the population has acquired powers. Some people use these powers for good, others for evil. But what is sure is that the apocalypse is on its way...
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Histoire non vérifiée "Is it reality or imagination?when Mike thought he had escaped and needs to find a way to save those captured, on the journey he learnt he never escaped but was a released dog on trial"
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The zone

Histoire non vérifiée This story alternates pov of, Layla and Cora two best friends in middle school. But they soon realize that strange things start to happen, they find themselves the last ones (+ a few others) and trapped in the school grounds as strange zombie like creatures try and hunt them down. Is Cora and laylas connection to this strange experience just as it…
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How does ECO-Friendly Packaging attract customers to buy the product?

Histoire non vérifiée Packaging is important in attracting customers to buy a product. Some ways to make the packaging more eco-friendly are to use recycled materials,...
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Une partie de l’univers de ParalefikZland From the Chronicles from Fictional Beings collection. A Traveler gives Ánderwo the opportunity to travel to other realities, making him understand the truth of being able to exist in many worlds. At the same time, Altréu suffers from a strange condition that makes him travel to other worlds while he sleeps, causing him to neglect the people in his…
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The Cardhess Woman

Histoire non vérifiée Ka'vorah, a Cardhess woman, is rescued from certain death from hypothermia by Jonathan Marsh, a human widower living on Phion S-Nine in the Simto star system. After she recovers, they fall in love and build a life together. They start their own company and are in charge of designing Federation Directorate's newest deep space station.
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The Marutan Chronicles

A'rdhura, a Marutan, and Qal'u, a Vajjerian, are forced to marry after her people lose a war with the Marutans. After betrayal by someone close to them, they and his sons transfer to a deep space station where they face dangers, tragedy, a reunion, and much more in the distant future.
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Latest Trends in Transportation Industry 2022-2023

Histoire non vérifiée A lot of transportation services, from leasing to fleet management and maintenance, are now offered by a wide variety of businesses.
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5 Astounding Medical advantages of Ginger

Histoire non vérifiée Ginger is the widespread medication, as per Ayurveda. It has numerous properties to assist with treating sicknesses and agony.
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Adrift In Space

The sole survivors of a derelict freighter adrift in space, Vo'ptinh and Ke'zulah are rescued near death by an extraction team for lifesaving care aboard an Interstellar Federation starship on a science and exploration mission.
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Chat service: Know what it means

Histoire non vérifiée Live Chat Outsourcing with DeskMoz can get you 3x Leads with 90%+ CSAT! 24x7 Shared and Dedicated Chat Agents Available. Try 10 Days Free Trial. Outsource Now!
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How Does Membership Management Software For Gyms Reduces Costs And Improves Gym Revenue?

Histoire non vérifiée This blog will help you understand the effectiveness of membership management software for gyms and how it reduces the gym's costs.
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