The Battle Of The Head and Heart

Histoire non vérifiée Havryl has always been optimistic, passionate and fun-loving, though if you asked her friends, they'd say she's a playgirl and harsh instead. Well, for a heart breaker, at least. She focused on her business. Some thing here, and more of the same there. And then came kocyfer... Mysterious yet at the same time unpredictable and arrogant son of a dem…
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Still You

Histoire non vérifiée This story if for |R18+ only. The content may contains violence, languages, theme, assult and etc, that is not allowed for the young readers
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Meus pensamentos nu ar

Histoire non vérifiée Oiii
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Noli Me Amore

Histoire non vérifiée Noli Me Amore is a Latin word for Don't Make Me Love You. The novel is inspired by the novel Noli Me Tangere written by a Filipino hero Jose P. Rizal. The story follows Ernesto and Cisa fighting for their love where everyone is against between the two of them.
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His Second Lover

Histoire non vérifiée Caroline Faith Quililan ang babaeng nagkagusto sa kanyang childhood best friend na si Tristan James de la Paz subalit nabigo siya rito. Hindi niya inaasahan na mayroon pala siyang kamukha nang makilala si Leander King Rojero at nailahad sa kanya tungkol sa nobya nitong namatay sa isang aìrplane crush. Malaya dahil nalalayo siya sa best friend ni…
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