Histoire non vérifiée Nothing to describe.. Eager to explore
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Good Mistake

Histoire non vérifiée Xore is troubled with family problems that tarnish her reputation. She wakes up in a stranger’s bed after kissing him the night before. He is the grand mafia boss who is the most powerful. He wants her all to himself…..
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His Possession

Histoire non vérifiée Silvia Johnston is just a 17 year old girl who just lost her parents and only had her big brother Shane to lean on as they move from California to Colorado in order to keep Silvia safe from something sinister that only Shane and their parents knew about... but what happens when Silvia starts to make friends of The supernatural and pulled more into…
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Histoire non vérifiée In a world where love is illegal two twin sisters try to navigate where they stand. Stephanie Meyers is 17 about to undergo a procedure to feel no love, something every human has to have when they turn eighteen. But after she meets a charming young man, who has different intentions than the procedure.she doesn't know if she wants that anymore. E…
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Together Forever

Histoire non vérifiée Raj And Riya Both Completely different people. Raj a 27year old boy still not married and his only goal is gain promotion in his company and become big. Are his only aspirations apart from marriage. Riya while on other hand a 25year old cheerful girl who has dark past. For Whom Love is now Silly and Past Thing. She has completed her MBA and now lo…
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The Breakup

Histoire non vérifiée If you and the person you love broke up what would happen ?...
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The woman of my dreams

The deception of heart and mind.
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Histoire non vérifiée Autumn Lee is a 14-year old lesbian. And she learns that, even in 2020, many people consider this a bad thing and, in her small village, she is the only out-of-the-closet lesbian. Autumn feels that, only her best friends, Jack Green and Naomi Thomas think of her as a real human. Until she meets Grace Baker, a sporty year 10 who changes her life. …
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Histoire non vérifiée Meet Robyn, as she tells her side of the day when she and Alex parted despite their still obvious need for each other.
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Villainous Veera

Born in a world where people are segregated based on their abilities, twenty-six-year-old Veera Solace lives her life in the small country of Liquiord as the minority group - the disabled; or the differents, as the people like to call her. With an anonymous president and hostile community, Veera relishes her moonlit activities as Void, the shadow …
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Until we meet again

Histoire non vérifiée 15+
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Histoire non vérifiée Alpha Black lived up to his name. Ruthless, manipulative, and possessive. The werewolf King that no one dares to question. His command is final, his words unchangeable. One of the blood siblings and a ruler of kings. Hide your weapons, Alpha Black is coming! Update is every Wednessday.
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Histoire de blog

Lesson Learned

For a special lesson at the English language institute she works at, Agustina decides to bring one of her favourite songs to sing with her fifth-grade students. However, she doesn't expect the reactions of some of them... Based on real-life events
1 chapitre 223 vues Histoire terminée

Our love story

Histoire non vérifiée Sally is a simple girl in the prime of life and lives only with her mother and her hobby is reading ! * One day she and her mother decide to move to Chicago and there she meets the love of her life.
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There's Nothing Wrong with Regrets

Histoire non vérifiée Our story is one that is comprised of multiples in the deepest sense of the word. Built upon passion and pain.
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Histoire de blog

Maple Falls

Mina was 33 years old and still single. She knew this because it seemed like no one hesitated to point this out to her at every opportunity. Her mom, her brother, aunts, uncles, the grocery store clerk, the mailman. And why is her love life, or lack thereof, anyone's business? If she wanted to get a husband she could, so there there are plenty…
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Twin Flame: The Shattered Mirror

Histoire non vérifiée Ehriel has always looked after her Beloved. One of Heaven's Guardian Angels, she has been tasked with the guiding and protection of a human boy named Euwe for as long as she can remember. With divine supernatural powers, an ability to control the elements and enact telekinesis and to communicate and persuade humans through thought speak, she thou…
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Angelic Demon

Histoire non vérifiée Celestria is tired of being just an angel in Heaven.She wants to explore the world,specifically Hell.What’s it like down there? But her older sister Evangeline won’t let her have it.She wants her to be God’s next messenger angel,delivering prayers to the Heavens. What happens when Draven,a lonely demon…falls in love with her?
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The last breath

Histoire non vérifiée When you finally find your true love but you can't spend the rest of your life together
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Histoire non vérifiée Kia is engaged to her fiance Jacob but he's a Mafia boss and doesn't have time for her she babysits his son Oliver and through their hard times she continues to learn about
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Love me

Histoire non vérifiée A girl, whose life changed when she started living with her husband She had a very bad Life growing up and it all changed when her husband embraced her in his arms
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Mafia boyfriend

Histoire non vérifiée Mafia story Jay is a maffia boss zach is the ceo of the mafia group blue is the boss wife
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Dark and Dangerous Desires

Abby is a young adult studying in college. Her already sad life turns even more cold as an already orphan, a cheating boyfriend, dead best friend, and now she's falling in with a man who seems to be picking up the pieces to her shattered life. Little to her knowledge this sexy man is a dangerous and ruthless Mafia Don capable of many dark things n…
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Eternally Yours..The Vampire King&Queen!!

Histoire non vérifiée Alora is a young and sophisticated young adult. She is used to routine and order. Soon she meets a mysterious man at her own engament party. He turns her world upside down. And makes her realise, soulmates are bound for eternity. But what would she do if she finds out just how mysterious this man really is? Would Alora be able to accept the fact t…
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The Dark Turn: Locked In

Nicole is eighteen. She has a picture-perfect life from the outside. The reality of it is a family who is never around an alcoholic step mom, a sleazy dad, and a distant brother as she's taken care of by the two old maids who live in the house with her. She’s ready to turn her life around for the better, while things seem to be looking up it could…
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Histoire non vérifiée A woman who dates men for money is now looking at her first target not knowing that he is her very first mistake. She now has the man bowing for her but then she realizes that she is getting attached to him. With the fear of getting controlled she tries to escape him but will she be successful? Or will she accept her faith and be with him? Find ou…
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Travelling With no Destination

Histoire non vérifiée A girl lives in London with her family. One day, she wakes up in a place which she couldn't recognize; somewhere where everything is black and you can't see anything. She tried to speak but something was blocking her mouth. It was something spongey, and she decided to try and hum instead. As soon as she did so several more hums joined along with h…
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