Roman Atheis explores a typical development for Indonesian society since the beginning of the twentieth century, namely the shift from a traditional lifestyle to a modern lifestyle.  This shift brought with it disputes and clashes between old and new notions, especially in the socio-cultural and political fields.  Developments in society do not es…
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A Trip to Remember

Valentina decides to take Agustina to an impromptu one-week-long holiday to their hometown, La Paz. However, an unexpected incident on the road changes everything. It's up to them how to get through it
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Rival Gangs

Sienna is a normal girl with a normal life who has a rough past. Her parents run the most powerful mafia in the US. Sienna always wanted to stay away from the mafia life, her parents supported her decision also to keep her safe. One day she crosses paths with Xander Knight the most fearful mafia leader in the world. Both families have a rivalry an…
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The Bonding Love (Version English)

Today’s husband is yesterday’s benefactor. "Mirawadee" was betrayed by his fiancée, prompting her to flee. She still has to meet with a benefactor and follow her everywhere. Later, to survive, she had to consent to marry him. After that, she fell in love till she couldn’t stop herself. Until one day, she knew he was roughly a hundred years old. Bu…
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Aftermath: Book One, A Story of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse? Legionnaires from Hell?...Romance? ....Seems unlikely. When Suri Imenez finds herself facing down yet another brutal, northern Winter, what's a girl to do?! Why, head to your local Inn and hope your friendly, neighborhood Cyclops has room to take you in! However, this trip around the mountain has more in store for Suri than she could …
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Tempest and Temptation

A 21st century Jane Austen-inspired historical fiction love affair with snowballing romance, thrilling mystery and intrigue, dashed with a spice of the supernatural.
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God's faulted star [unedited]

Mukhetwa is forced to leave everything she has ever known when her family has to move to a new city. Her life is turned upside down by her so called friends. Find out if her Christian morals will stick or will Lucifer get his way when she finds out the truth about the fault in God's star
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Harlequin: Travails Of A Young Orphaned Widow

The sudden urge to pee overcame me and I told the driver to stop the car,daddy declined. "No dear,I've told you we aren't staying here a minute longer, it's too dangerous." I kept quiet and after a few minutes and I felt like my bladder would burst, I threatened to jump out of the car and Daddy told the driver to stop the car,albeit reluctantly. I…
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Callidora (English version)

When you're in the arms of the eternal, death is no longer a fear. I was forced to face a totally unknown world, full of loves, adventures, vampires, wars and even death itself.
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Time and time again

This story is about a girl, Sagelynn who is forced to marry. What her husband doesn't know is that she is a spy and a good one, she also has magical powers. It tells the story from the husband and Sagelynn's perspective.
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What The Dreams Are Telling You

Midori is a school student. She and her mother always had a bad relationship. One day, on her way home, she has a car accident and is hospitalized. When she wakes up, she notice that she lost her sight. There she starts to have weird dreams. After a while, she realize that everything is not what she thinks. -- What The Dreams Are Telling You is…
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Vampire's have a special connection with their makers. I could always feel where mine was, and sometimes what he was feeling. That's why I know in his last moments alive, he felt fear.
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Peter's Happily Ever After

Landon Baptist has the most epic job almost everyone would love to have. He cherishes every winking moment of it and the best part is making people smile and happy. But when will his happily ever after begin? Nia Broussard, a huge fan of all things fantasy and magical, embarks on a Disney vacation with her friend, Kaylan. Her life goal is findin…
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I woke in this body

This story is on hiatus as I work to finish my first book, Tempest & Temptation. Yesterday I was Maria. Today I am Elise. I woke in this body.
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Love twists

Adrien fights with his father and unloads on Marinette. This creates a misunderstanding between the two. Adrien visits her as ChatNoir and a colorful friendship begins. With the arrival of Felix things become more complicated, because this one affirms that Marinette belongs to him. The dispute for Marinette begins: who will win?
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Memories from the past

Histoire non vérifiée Not everything you have planned comes out as you think, sometimes life turns and with them each of the people around you, in this story you will see how the life of a young doctor about to enter as a surgical practitioner changes radically.
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My Art

Histoire non vérifiée Charlene Chavez is the kind of girl who brings a smile when you feel down. When something bad happens to her she just puts a smile on her face and continues her day. Then one day she just can't seem to bring that smile on her face when she see Simon Delgado, her ex-boyfriend. ____________________________________ "Charlene?" Charlene whole world …
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Her Secret Love..Does it explored till end?

Histoire non vérifiée Her Secret Love …Does it explored till the end? She is an intellectual person, An excellent problem Solver . One day she try to find solution for a biggest complicationof her life. She found the answer..Its changes her life… Huh?? mmm.. magic?? -Ofcourse LOVE is magic -Janani as Janu - Bala Chandrakanth as guru -Psychology …
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Two Girls

Histoire non vérifiée A summer fling that turned two teenage girls lives upside down. No one was supposed to get hurt or catch feelings. They thought they would never see each other again . Facing all judgements and pain together . Finding comfort and calmness in each other . Facing the madness. Going through all obstacles. A love story of TWO GIRLS.
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The woman of my dreams

Histoire non vérifiée The deception of heart and mind.
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Histoire non vérifiée This story begins from UK's Jail Honde date-15/02/2020 where questions are being asked to a prisoner. Outside the room where the prisoner is going to be asked the question, some COPS are whispering something among themselves.
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Her Midnight Guest.

Histoire non vérifiée The story telles about the conflict among motherhood, chastity and feminity. Mira Jwardar a deserted woman lives in inlaw's house. She has sacrificed her every desires ,passions love and feminine intinct in the name of chastity and motherhood. She feels her husband every moment on her own.
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Untrue Love

Histoire non vérifiée For readers who love a good romance with a twist and doesn't mind getting involved into the life of the characters. No matter if its hurt,sad,love,etc. Thanks for reading and leaving any commits
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My One and Only

Histoire non vérifiée If you had a choice would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love? How far would you be willing to go to keep them safe? What would you do if they were in danger? Damen and Elisa are two opposite people that happened to click, maybe it was fate, maybe just happened by chance but for whatever reason, they are attracted to each other like magnet…
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Him or HIM

Histoire non vérifiée A whole book about Love, teenage life, abuse, discovery, Being true to self, insecurities A book for everyone especially aged 13 and above . You will get to learn it is okay to make mistakes and its okay not to be perfect and its okay to fail too.
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Love heals

Histoire non vérifiée The nature way of cure and care
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Histoire audiovisuelle


Histoire non vérifiée His heart strengthened in strength took revenge on those who tried to destroy him. Now he returns from hell under a different look and feel under the name Joshdan to restore peace to Algeson.
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Together Forever

Histoire non vérifiée Raj And Riya Both Completely different people. Raj a 27year old boy still not married and his only goal is gain promotion in his company and become big. Are his only aspirations apart from marriage. Riya while on other hand a 25year old cheerful girl who has dark past. For Whom Love is now Silly and Past Thing. She has completed her MBA and now lo…
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