The Moon Child

Title: The Moon Child Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Moon Star Lovers Summary: Once upon a time. There was a Moon Star Lover. Who defies death for their love for each other. He was the Son of the Moon. A Moon Child. She was the Daughter of the Star. A Star Child. They met and fall in love with each other. But someone wants to ruin and tak…
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Hired (Forbidden Lovers: Rosie Anders)

Rosie Anders has been an editorial assistant at Pincer & Co, longer than anyone else and knows she is overdue a promotion. There's just one problem. His name is Matthew Pincer and the only way to the top is to sleep your way there. When newbie, Millie bags a promotion after only being at the company for a few weeks, Rosie cannot take it any longe…
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A Moment In Time

Histoire non vérifiée Title: A Moment In Time Author: mischa143kelvin Series: A Chronicles of a Love Story Summary: In the quiet corners of Lysander Mercer's world, where time seemed to linger with the weight of unspoken stories, the chronicles of his journey began to unfold. "A Moment In Time," this captivating tale invites readers into a mosaic of emotions, skillfu…
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AJ To The Rescue

Histoire non vérifiée Title: AJ To The Rescue Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Anne Summary: In the enchanting town of Ardent Haven, a mysterious breeze swept through the air as Eugene Alexander Jensen arrived, shrouded in enigma. A newly transferred student at Everglow Academy, Eugene's arrival stirred the quietude of the town, setting the stage for a tale where angs…
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My Boss and I

Histoire non vérifiée Title: My Boss and I Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Unconventional Love Story Summary: "My Boss and I" is an unconventional love story that delves into the complex dynamics between a boss and their employee. This captivating series explores the unexpected and often tumultuous journey of two individuals navigating the blurred lines between profe…
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My Vampire Boyfriend

Histoire non vérifiée An 18 year old girl named Blake is abused at her home, starting at the age of 3. She was suicidal from the beginning. She was a tomboy, her parents didn't accept that, neither did her sister. She became very isolated but someone enters her life that changes it forever.
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True or Dare

Title: True or Dare Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Expect The Unexpected Summary: He was the black sheep of the family. The one that always get into trouble. Who never does anything right. A happy-go-lucky, bratty, rich kid. What will happen if he met his match? Chaos ensues, of course. In a world of opulence and privilege, he was the prodigal…
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Arrogant In Love

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Arrogant In Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Man In The Mirror Summary: In Arrogant In Love, join Alexandra Reed, a fiercely determined CEO, and Ethan Turner, a free-spirited artist, on a rollercoaster ride of passion and self-discovery. Alexandra is accustomed to control and success, while Ethan embraces a carefree existence. When th…
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Accident's Happen

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Accident's Happen Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Anne Summary: In the mystical town of Ardent Haven, where shadows whispered secrets and mysteries lingered in the air, a prodigious tale unfolds in the riveting story titled "Accident's Happen", from the series called Anne. Meet our enigmatic male protagonist, Adrian Hale, a brooding coac…
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Love Online

Histoire non vérifiée Title: Love Online Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love Online Summary: Love Online follows the story of two strangers who meet in an online chatroom. Jonathan, a successful businessman in his early twenties, finds himself feeling alone and disconnected despite his professional success. Kelly, a freelance graphic designer in her mid-twenties, is…
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Histoire non vérifiée Enola ne rêve que d'une chose, rentrer chez elle, dans sa terre natale mais le destin en a décidé autrement, une chose à laquelle elle n'était pas préparer à faire face et cet imprévu va bouleverser son existence. Et vous? Jusqu'où êtes-vous prêt à aller? Que choisirez vous, votre liberté ou votre coeur? (Cette histoire est une pure inv…
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Seduced (Forbidden Lovers - The Lucy Adam Series #1)

Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with. People always tell you your last year of secondary school will be the best yet; people always tell you your last year of secondary school will be the hardest; people always tell you how to cope with the stress of exams, friendships and studying, but, no-one ever tells you how to cope when y…
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The Scents of Love

Histoire non vérifiée Title: The Scents of Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Scents of Love Summary: All your life, you depend upon your senses. What if, one day, it all changes? What if, in just a matter of seconds everything has been gone wrong? How would you live your life in full of darkness? When all the brightness has been gone? But on the bright si…
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Forbidden (Forbidden Lovers: The Megan Alder Series #1)

Sometimes you just can't help who you fall in love with. Teaching assistant, Megan is totally ready for welcoming the new students of aspiring performers to Pinewood Academy for Performing Arts, as well welcoming back the current ones. What she isn't so ready for, is the new addition to the staff team, that comes in the form of tall, smiley and e…
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The Wrong Turn (Right Kind Of Love)

Title: The Wrong Turn (Right Kind Of Love) Author: mischa143kelvin Series: The Wrong Turn Summary: In the enigmatic world of "The Wrong Turn (Right Kind Of Love)," we are thrust into a realm brimming with angst, mystery, and the ever-tumultuous rollercoaster of life. Meet our charismatic male protagonist, Daniel Everhart, a man who, by a twist o…
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A Certain Kind of Feelings

Histoire non vérifiée Title: A Certain Kind of Feelings Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love Online Summary: There was a Boy... There was a Girl... And there was a Social Media... An Interactive Social Media for Aspiring Writers... There... They have met... And became fast friends... But... They didn't realized that they attended the same school... So, how this two a…
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Triple Trouble

Title: Triple Trouble Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Love In Trouble Summary: In the bustling tapestry of life, "Triple Trouble" unravels an intricate tale where the threads of fate weave a complex web of identity, connection, and love. Set against the backdrop of a city of Serendipity Bay, where dreams and destiny intertwine, three men—each sh…
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Fading Stars and Silent Tears

Histoire non vérifiée "Fading Stars and Silent Tears" is a melancholic tale of love and loss set in the mystical land of Eloria, where two souls, Seraphina and Aurelius, find solace in each other amidst the shadows of their pasts, only to be torn apart by tragedy, leaving behind a haunting legacy of love and longing.
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Lingering feelings

Histoire non vérifiée Let's navigate the life's of different teenager as the burden of first love become strong
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Obssesed with him

Histoire non vérifiée Et si mon cœur ne pouvait plus être réparé ? Et s'il était cassé à tout jamais ? Clara réussira-t-elle à aimer de nouveau ? Après un évènement plus que douloureux, Clara perd son peu de confiance en elle et change de lycée pour un nouveau départ. Là-bas il y a sa meilleure amie, Kelly qui la soutiendra dans toute ces décisions. Mais le problème…
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La mer des dieux

Histoire non vérifiée Charlie n'a que 13 ans, après avoir quitté Paris, elle emménage dans un petit village au bord de la mer, en laissant ses amies et son rêve derrière elle. Mais c'est là qu'elle va le rencontrer, ce mystérieux garçon de la mer, pour qui elle va se prendre de fascination et va vouloir à tout prix percer son secret, quitte à en laissé une partie de …
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The Heart Of The Lone Wolf! By:Claire Ennor

Histoire non vérifiée When Erin comes across a wolf her mom tries to hurt it causing it to bite Erin.Erin feels like she's shrinking...wait she is shrinking.She had now become...a wolf? Now Erin must learn how ro survive and join the wolfs pack.Erin quite likes it surely nothing could go wrong now. Right? Wrong! When a Wolf who got kicked out of the pack years ago come…
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Histoire non vérifiée Gaëlle a maintenant 22 ans, après une enfance difficile à regarder ses parents se battre. Elle devient une star de la mode et durant ses défilés.. Un événement inattendu se présente devant elle. Que faire..? Aimer ou subir ?
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Dear Doc ( Mc No limits Book 4)

Doc is an important part of the No Limits biker community. Plagued by his past with the SEALs, he is looking for peace to forget his past. Emily has been helping him find himself for years, but now she seems lost as her own past catches up with her.
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Beyond The High Wire

In the vibrant world of the circus, Lena and Austin's unlikely friendship blossoms into a delicate dance of emotions. Secrets untold and feelings unspoken, their connection deepens until a heartbreaking choice tears them apart. As Lena tentatively explores new beginnings with Noah, Austin grapples with the pain of silent longing. Yet fate takes a …
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Vengeance Attire

Amara de Rossi witnesses her parents' murder by the Mafia, vowing to make their killers pay. To fulfill her promise, she infiltrates the gang responsible. Meanwhile, Damiano Bendetti, set to become the Caruso gang's leader, seeks a life partner. Unaware of Amara's mission, Damiano is drawn to her, convinced she's the one. As their paths intertwine…
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Pauvre ou Riche, je t'aime

Histoire non vérifiée Deux jeunes adultes se rencontrent lorsque le jeune homme riche vient aider les pauvres, la jeune femme pauvre, Alice tombe sous son charme pour sa générosité. Lors d'un incident Alice va trouver quelque chose qui appartient à ce jeune homme mystérieux ils vont se retrouver mais pourront-ils ressentir de l'amour ? La loi en décidera-t-elle autreme…
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Histoire non vérifiée Two young lovers who wanted to fill that empty feeling. Not knowing they need each other's support to make it through. They will really met the true love but, there will be a third in contetion that will stun their peace.
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