The woman of my dreams

Histoire non vérifiée The deception of heart and mind.
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Couldn't You Be A Friend Of Mine?

Histoire non vérifiée A story about a couple and a common friend of them. The third character is a handsome, bachelor but always being a honest , trustworthy to the couple .Lady character has an inclination and weakness towards her husband's friend , she wants to develop an extramarital affairs by provoking him when ever she gets chances ...has she succeeded ultimately…
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Realm of true

Histoire non vérifiée In the beginning of time a great king and the strongest of demons fought a war, little is known about this event. Since then, the world has 10 great kingdoms divided into power levels, the tenth being the "weakest" and the first the strongest. Lumi has a big dream to unravel the mysteries of this world and find out what really happened, but he i…
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The promise we made

Histoire non vérifiée The girl that never loved and the boy with all the love Imagine if you went back 132 years to the green heaven ( Switzerland) . A short story about love .
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Just when life planned to get better for her, fate decides otherwise... after loosing her modeling job, fiancee and sight, Juliana is confronted to a life crisis... everyhing takes another turn when she meets him... the one who changes everything....
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He Sees Me

Histoire non vérifiée He's always watching. His thoughts and emotions ruling my life. I only have to look out my window and he's there. If he catches me, I may never be the same again. He's always watching. He wants me for his own. His wants, dark and sinister. If he catches me, I may never be seen again.
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How to be escorts good client

Histoire non vérifiée Meet Vip Girls is one of the top elite class club of Vip Girls who offers Best GFE Experience with Professional services at low rates.VIP Call girls is one of the independent Call girls in Jaipur.If you are looking for call girls services, escorts services in Jaipur, Vip Call girls in Jaipur, AirHostess call girls in Jaipur, Housewife call girls i…
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A Kiss Beneath The Fireworks

Histoire non vérifiée Love is strange, Love is unique. That's what Antonio told himself after meeting Sarah. What's funny is that Antonio don't believe in "Love at first sight".
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Steps on You

Leira Amythest is desperate to have colorful school life. She dated a lot but failed. But then she stumbled from a sharp stone, fell on the bed of roses and enveloped with the warm heat of colorful embrace. She tripped and fell hard with his icy grey eyes full of passion and hallow waves. And that she decided. She'll have it all to have every ste…
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Beyond Wildest Dreams

Histoire non vérifiée "That look makes me wanna ride you deep and hard. Make that sweet juicy pussy cum all over my dick." Those were among words he said to me the first time we met. He was vulgar, narcisit even racist. However I couldn't help myself but be interested in him. And soon he was consuming my body, my mind and my entire life. Theo was beyond my wildest …
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Heaven vs. Hell

Histoire non vérifiée Kindhearted Antonio Alexander and troublemaker Davina Driscoll used to be the best of friends… Until a terrible car crash takes them both away from Earth…forever. Three years later, Antonio is living a happy, relaxing life with his friends Arabella and Allison in heaven while Davina is living a harsh, assiduous life with her friends Diva and D…
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What if we were meant to be?

What if I told you that soulmates exist? At least here, they do. People always talk about how everyone has a soulmate, that we have somebody waiting out there, someone we are meant to be with. They say that once you find yours, everything looks easier because no matter what you do "destiny" will lead your way back to him or her. But that’s ju…
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The Retribution Game

A story of loyalty, treachery and love. Max Oberland, a business man recently named CEO of his family's insurances company and player in his free time, wants Davina Saxe, the daughter of his business partner to be the next prey. 'The Database' is a computer program he made for his exclusive use and his pride and joy in which he keeps his previous …
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Bastian Turner is the hottest player of the entire school, he was rude and bullied almost everyone but his friends … until he met her. Alyssa Brighton is your average girl if we don't count her attractive wolf like amber eyes and the fact that she's nearly blind. He's not a bad person but masks everything with the face that his friends make him ho…
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Histoire non vérifiée This story begins from UK's Jail Honde date-15/02/2020 where questions are being asked to a prisoner. Outside the room where the prisoner is going to be asked the question, some COPS are whispering something among themselves.
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The Black Dove

Histoire non vérifiée How do you love a certified asshole? When Dominic a certified asshole saw Isobel a beautiful soul his cold unfeeling heart stopped beating. When it started beating again, he was surprised he could feel again. Dominic pursued Isobel like he'd never pursued a woman before. Only the best for you. He always told her. While Isobel knew from beginning…
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The Moonlight Smile That Stole My Heart

It's a love story of a young writer where the narrator is his pen. The real motivation for this fictional love story was my imagination of how a love story of a writer will look like. How he expresses his own story into the white pages of his copy. And when the world will read it, the world will admire it. Because there is so much innocence and tr…
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Him and I

Histoire non vérifiée Teenage life can be tough, especially if drama is involved. Will Lucas start to see a different side of Mia? Or will Mia remain the only one who really see’s Lucas in a way Lucas SUPPOSEDLY never would? (There will be different parts to it! I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated on the next part and leave a review if you’d like! It would really h…
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Histoire non vérifiée All I ever wanted was love but no one can love me but I can't understand why. All my ex-boyfriends who said couldn't love married someone else exactly six months after we broke up.Is it me?
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The Bad Boy & The Tomboy

Eric was my nemesis. The school bully who had laser focus on me as his target. As if highschool wasn't hard enough. Even worse, he was quite possibly the one person that seemed to know me best. All I wanted was to avoid Eric but he had a knack for showing up whenever I wanted to avoid him most. Then we made that bet... I believed that the on…
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One single mistake

Histoire non vérifiée Ever since Jasmine King was still a little girl. Her mother always put her and her little sister sat on a chair and starts to talk with them about sex. She told them to keep their virginity for the right person and always focus on their studies. So that they can have a bright future and careers. But Jasmine instead of listening to her mum. She pr…
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Nations Harmony Academy

Histoire non vérifiée The Western Nation and the Eastern Nation are the majority race that occupy the face of the Earth in different dimensions. These two Nations,often quarrel with each other because they want to prove who is better in all aspects. To ensure that the two nations can understand each other, they agreed to establish an academy that will be attended by …
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Her Midnight Guest.

Histoire non vérifiée The story telles about the conflict among motherhood, chastity and feminity. Mira Jwardar a deserted woman lives in inlaw's house. She has sacrificed her every desires ,passions love and feminine intinct in the name of chastity and motherhood. She feels her husband every moment on her own.
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Untrue Love

Histoire non vérifiée For readers who love a good romance with a twist and doesn't mind getting involved into the life of the characters. No matter if its hurt,sad,love,etc. Thanks for reading and leaving any commits
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affordable Silicone Sex Dolls

Histoire non vérifiée Who would have thought that sex dolls are the new craze in the western world? This article talks about sex dolls and their benefits. Do you know that sex dolls can be used for different purposes?
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Him or HIM

Histoire non vérifiée A whole book about Love, teenage life, abuse, discovery, Being true to self, insecurities A book for everyone especially aged 13 and above . You will get to learn it is okay to make mistakes and its okay not to be perfect and its okay to fail too.
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The love hypothesis

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Maple Falls

Mina was 33 years old and still single. She knew this because it seemed like no one hesitated to point this out to her at every opportunity. Her mom, her brother, aunts, uncles, the grocery store clerk, the mailman. And why is her love life, or lack thereof, anyone's business? If she wanted to get a husband she could, so there.there are plenty…
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