Roman Atheis explores a typical development for Indonesian society since the beginning of the twentieth century, namely the shift from a traditional lifestyle to a modern lifestyle.  This shift brought with it disputes and clashes between old and new notions, especially in the socio-cultural and political fields.  Developments in society do not es…
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The Bishop's Daughter

Tabbie Kimball grew up in the Mormon church. Her family had always had a squeaky clean image, her father’s distinguished image even landing him the position of Ward Bishop. Her sister, Demi, had just returned from her mission, her mother, Norah heading the Relief Society. They were the picture-perfect family on the Hallmark cards. Until Tabbie unc…
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Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish? “Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adventures and misadventures in the spiritual and material worlds while mysteries are unfolded. It goes through a dilemma involving light and darkness and…
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Love is Love and that's Romantic

Histoire non vérifiée A series on the concepts of True Love 1st story- My First Love 2nd story- True Love 3rd story- Love at first sight Love is Love and that's Romance is my first try at Romance haha no pum intended!
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Aquatech Waterproofing | Basement waterproofing toronto

Histoire non vérifiée Aquatech Waterproofing provides Wet Basement Repair Toronto for your home or business. GET YOUR FREE QUOTE TODAY!At Aquatech Basement Waterproofing Toronto, you get an experienced and cost-effective privately owned company. You get the highest leaky basement quality services, basement waterproofing, wet basement and foundation repair in Toronto. B…
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While We Were Wallflowers

Histoire non vérifiée Every family has its share of secrets and Annalise Hayes’ family is no expectation. Her father is an emotionally abusive rage monster who hides himself away in his bedroom. Desperate for his love and acceptance, Annalise begins to look for it elsewhere outside of the four walls of her parents’ house. Enter Judah Dixon, a young man who has strong c…
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My fairy girlfriend

Histoire non vérifiée I thought she was a normal girl but she was a normal girl?
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