Liminal Spells

A poetry blog to inspire others to connect to the natural world, and seek wisdom in the cycles of nature. These are the musings of a woman going through a transformative season in her life. Follow the journey, as she learns to trust her own voice, and emotions.
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La danse des sorcières

Histoire non vérifiée Un petit plaisir coupable pour l'halloween..Poésie. ValXX
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The Dream Factory

Like an phoenix i will RISE again , higher and higher... Emerging from my fallen burned ashes i will emerged and claim my throne again. - Soul-Spirit I do not own the copyright of this book. Author of this book is (Soul Spirit)
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Broken Roads - Endless Skies

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. - Thomas Gray ~ Let the ashes cover the broken Roads and the Skies filled with smoke ~
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Erratic Landscapes (Poems)

A prophecy strikes the universe ruled by the "Stars of Divinity", these gods moulded a place full of magic, power and energy; where they decide to destroy everything for fear of the prophecy sent by a cosmic entity. Thus imprisoning Nhitroa, and releasing the chaos until it reaches the Earth where an elf will free him and unleash his vengeance and…
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The Matrix

"The Matrix" is a thought-provoking and evocative series of poems that delves into the theme of education and the societal constructs that confine individuals within a system. The poems portray education as a complex matrix, a web of rules and degrees that often restricts the true potential of young minds. It highlights the conformity expected fro…
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11:11- In hope of expressing my feelings for you, I wrote this.
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I Wrote You

Dedicated for the silly and the strong whose bodies lay static on bathroom floors and whose souls float byond the galaxy. For you, lovely soul.
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Poems for the Christian God

Poems Vivian wrote for God to express her love for God. The poems mark her journey with God, which was not always smooth. Just like David, who comes to God just as he was, Vivian comes to God just as she is, even in time she is complaining to God. Nothing can separate the love of God for her.
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Lieu de rencontre

Lieu de rencontre.
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L'AMOUR est éternel.
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The Wonderful Lovely

A collection of poems.
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Laissons nous emporter sur les plume de la poésie
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Edgar Allan Poe Poetry

Some of Edgar Allan Poe's poetry
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The Dying Man

What would it be like to experience death?
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You and I

A Poem for Mothers
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A painful goodbye
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Poems from a lonely soul

I really, really hope no one read this
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Poem for lonely souls part ll
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Blank Pages

A book of poems that I've wrote based off my feelings and experiences. Even the most saddest memories can be turned into a beautiful poem.
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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Expressing the heart with poetry is a true beauty of love. There is nothing more beautiful than always praising and mentioning the name of a lover. Although love is synonymous with happiness, sometimes love also brings suffering and very deep brokenhearted. In this book of poetry I express my life experience during my teenage years when I fell in …
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Chanté la nature.

C'est bon de chanter la nature.
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Park Bench

A park, a bench, a single leaf.
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*Nobody's House of Pain

Welcome to my House of Pain.
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My journey, my story part 2

Enjoy! :) And check my other storys out!
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Le vrai Amour

Histoire non vérifiée Le vrai Amour ne meurt jamais.
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A Greek & Roman Mythology Poet

Histoire non vérifiée I'm very bad at writing poetry!
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