Semiworded Verses

When for the first time I tried to understand things that most people think they understand.
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The Missing Part Of You

A poem for a loved one.
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Mists in Spring

A poem about memories and how I deal with them
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Poems from a lonely soul

I really, really hope no one read this
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Wrote with a blood of a good girl

Simple poems of romance and drama of a simple good girl.
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Poem for lonely souls part ll
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Depressed teen

A story in poetic form which tells how a depressed teenager feels when he/she has no one to understand him/her.
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Standing in the rain.

How I used to feel under the rain before the pandemic..
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Villain' song

How bad can devil possibly be? Please comment it
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Just few words from a "man" who made this thing called Life all wrong...
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All Around You

The truth is all around you
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A Thousand Moons: A Christian Poetry Collection

A smile. A tear. Dancing in the meadows. A poetry collection.
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Three short poems written in the Andes, where snow and wind sing songs in our gasping breaths.
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The day fantasy almost jumped out the window

When we are in front of the mirror in the crucial second ... Will this be a good day?
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If your heart seems to break

If your heart seems to break...
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The shell I am

A tiny poem from a tiny poet with a tiny secret ;) The image used in the cover was made by Emma Margaret (I'm in love with her art!)
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The Old House

A poem about life and childhood. In memory of the childhood with my cousins.
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Touched by the prophet; kissed by the prophet

poetry about loving unique union with the prophet (PBUH) in a lucid dream
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My love for Allah and you

My love poems to my boyfriend
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just got an inspiration for a poem :)
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Romantic mocrofiction in Saudi Arabia

My loving erotic microfiction about me about my boyfriend and me.
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Resist The Tide

A woman who stands.
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Sing To Me Momma

Sometimes carrying a song is enough...
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Prison In Our Minds

A prison dwells in us.
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Beyond The Door

Something is behind it.
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Why I Write

Why I write. Sorry I've been inactive. And also don't copy this I have a copyright with all rights reserved on this so don't even think about it.
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Little Wiggins Lullaby

This is a poem from my book Little Wiggins, not yet published. Hope you enjoy :)
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Where Our Hearts Met

About hearts and broken minds.
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