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Às vezes o sobrenatural pode ser gentil. Contos sobre criaturas estranhas e fantasmas inspirados em comentários do Reddit e em histórias de conhecidos.
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Sauvage [English version]

The herd has been divided, and while Connor does everything he can to keep his people safe, Daven is much more ambitious and wants to take over the entire group. Destroying Connor is his goal and for this, he will use the only weapon with which he knows he will not fail... A wounded woman and Connor's compassion.
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"O incompreensível é inexorável. Se admirado de longe é belo como uma flor, e tangivelmente feio quando observado demasiado perto, pois os que possuem olhos, ao ver de um sábio, estão cegos. A verdadeira beleza repousa no inexplicável" - Citação de O Diário Antológico do Inexplicável. Unerklärlich é uma antologia de contos baseada no livro anteri…
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Isolated Together

Vampire Hunter Leah is tasked to locate the master of a dangerous coven and runs into trouble when she falls for her target instead. (RATED R // MATURE READERS ONLY) - Full draft under live revision. Chapters shared gradually. 3/27 - STORY IS PAUSED FOR REVISION - 3/22/23: 12/43? ~51,000 words (Estimated Total: ~195,000 words) - ***This Writer cre…
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Alpha's Faire

Her heart stopped in his presence, not because he was utterly attractive. No, she had established long ago that his form, his looks, and his mannerisms were undeniable. He haunted her dreams, leaving her restless in the middle of the night. She craved him, which drove her crazy at the worst of times. She knew he had a mate, somewhere waiting for h…
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Bad Boy Love

Casey is a boy looking for his mate and in the story he gets hurt. Then meets Julia
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Little Red: Saved By the Werewolf

A werewolf finds an unconscious woman in the middle of the forest. She's been beaten and is freezing because she has no clothes on. He recues her from the harsh, cold weather, which saves her life. How did she end up there? What happened to her? Lukos is going to find out what happened to Nymeria. He can't sleep at night knowing that there's some…
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A Mysterious Ghost

Have you ever kept a deep dark secret? Maybe one that's buried so deep down, that it's out of control in your mind! Well for one teenage girl, she's about to discover a discovery of a life time and maybe a little scare too.
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Chasing the Omega (Small Town #1)

One night, everything changes for eighteen year old Alice. When the full moon invades Small Town, where a young innocent Alice Smith is ending her shift at the diner, she comes face to face with a big terrifying wolf. When the wolf attacks Alice and runs away, leaving only a single bite, she has no idea what troubles lie ahead of her. Could it …
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Paranormal Love Story

A gothic punk rocker falls in love, but the lady isn't your typical lover.
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The Corner Street House

The house at the corner street on Meadow Street is said to be haunted. However, the owner thinks otherwise.
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Deadly Business

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Do you think there are any paranormal beings, such as ghosts or monsters? Right, you'd probably answer no. The same would be true if you had asked my girlfriend or me the same question. After that trip, we are no longer able to dismiss its presence.
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Into the Woods (PART 1)

The story is about a lumberjack family who lived near a forest. The family has 6 members. The story mainly focuses on the horror and suspense that is about to get revealed in the upcoming chapters.
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Trails of blood

"I am not dead daddy...tell mommy that I've been a good little girl." A brief distant feeling sent shivers down my spine. " Where are you my angel, we have been looking for you for over 2 months now." Was all i said. " Come on daddy let's play hide and seek." an evil laugh escaped her mouth, that was not my daughter. I let fear build up in th…
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His love and the kingdom

it's a story about a 100-year-old guy Steven who doesn't became old since his 20. 80 years ago, he lost his first love Natalia during the fight between the blue dragon and the red dragon man who was fighting to get back the pearl from Natalia. she accidentally took the pear when the blue dragon man and the red dragon man came to the earth first …
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Breathless- Teen WOLF

Sage Stilinski was many things; a flirt, talkative, a sociopath with no emotional attachment to anybody That would explain why all the guys and some girls from Beacon hills, were (not so slowly) falling for her. Will she finally learn to love or fuck it up like always. ~ Read to find out more ~
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The Wolf in the Mist

After losing the love of her life to a hunter, Sofia is afraid of falling in love again. So when her friend Sara decides to introduce her to a boy she has just met, Sofia wants nothing to do with the serious and attractive young man with sky-colored eyes who always smells of forest. Will Dave get her to open up to him and trust people again? Or, o…
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Ishtar: A seraph’s past

A prequel of Ishtar the fallen Angel. “If the world was meant for two it will be me and you” Michael’s words shocked me and brought me to joyful tears. Only if he knew how much I loved him but what is this I feel? Can something more unfold between us was their any other way to express it all, I was ignorant not until I fell. For to rise i…
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Estos son relatos cortos de experiencias paranormales que te transportaran a aquellos misteriosos lugares que son recurrentes en nuestras pesadillas y te permitirán ver a través de los ojos de cada personaje lo que nadie debería.
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Os Turvos

Estamos mortos! Todos mortos. Que se foda esse canguru idiota e todo o resto da [email protected] do mundo. Alguém quer descer pra mijar antes que essa merda toda piore?
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ABELARDO Y EL RAYO Tormenta en la tierra de la oscuridad

A veces existen extraños acontecimientos que de alguna manera nos influenciaran y determinaran nuestra vida futura sin que nos percatemos de ello, así es como ocurrió en la vida de Abelardo, quien pudo ver con sus ojos el resplandor del rayo y vivir para contarlo.
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Técnicas Sanguíneas

Daisuke Koyama, policial do departamento de controle de eventos paranormais, foi capturado e transformado em vampiro por Haruka - uma vampira puro-sangue com uma habilidade sanguínea peculiar e inconveniente. Agora o ex-caçador deve se acostumar à vida noturna e à sede de sangue, longe de todas as pessoas que ama, e tentando se manter nas boas gra…
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Sra. Tofana

A vida na idade média nunca foi fácil, ainda mais para as mulheres que não tem voz nem direitos. São inferiorizadas, vivem às sombras dos homens e ainda têm casamentos arranjados com desconhecidos. Abidu é uma jovem com uma mente muito avançada para o tempo que vive e acha que as mulheres são muito injustiçadas, por isso usará seus poderes de feit…
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Weekly new stories and chapters in Fun and scary paranormal stories, The Chainsaw Man, and more coming soon. Will the character's survive? Or will they reach a brutal end? Packed with alot of scary stories and chapters. Follow this story so you don't forget and that you're tuned for more. Sorry for the inconvenience in not making new stories,…
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Los hijos de la noche.

Un grupo de jóvenes descubren los secretos del mundo en el que han crecido, revelando la siniestra verdad y todos los horrores que este esconde. Comprender y sobrevivir a esa nueva realidad es el único objetivo que les quedará.
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Mirror People

As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an Indigenous community. When her legs start feeling strange and a mysterious entity appears to tell her of imminent danger, Julieta realizes she needs …
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Las Víboras no se Callan

Historia escribí el año pasado para un concurso y ahora subo acá. Una chica se siente sola en medio de la cuarentena, mientras va perdiendo a sus amistades y convive con una pariente de edad que no es exactamente afectuosa, pero termina encontrando apoyo y sororidad de una manera poco convencional. -------------------------------------------------…
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