The last coffee

Histoire non vérifiée The day starts in a very strange way, and at the café, Gonzie keeps blaming me for a weird letter that I don't remember writing
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The Haunted National Park: A Tale From The Peter Wood Multiverse

When Peter and his friends sneak out late at night and wander off the beaten trail while visiting the Haunted National Park, they find themselves in the company of a deeply troubled soul whose magical powers threaten to spread her anguish and fury. Both of which manifest themselves in the form of an emerald green inferno. But as they race to help…
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A lack of

Histoire non vérifiée In the 21st century, most people consider monsters and children's nightmares to be superstitions, but "B", a ghost decides to expose the terrifying world of monsters...
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Non-Volatile Memory Market

Histoire non vérifiée Business is no longer a game of instincts when it comes to capitalizing on new production lines. In a highly competitive Non-Volatile Memory market, companies may face several challenges. Having trusted market research is always endorsed for both veteran and new entrants. Non-Volatile Memory Market report presents a thorough analysis of local, reg…
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Desiccated Coconut Market

Histoire non vérifiée Desiccated Coconut market report offers a comprehensive analysis of regional and global scenarios. The scope of the market report extends to the competitive landscape, cost analysis, key players, specific market regions, profit margin, and market situation. A glance at wide-ranging factors restricting Desiccated Coconut market growth is deliberate…
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Surgical Sutures Market

Histoire non vérifiée The Surgical Sutures market report also provides in-depth insights into major industry players and their strategies because we understand how important it is to remain ahead of the curve. Companies may utilize the objective insights provided by this market research to identify their strengths and limitations. Companies that can capitalize on the f…
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Packaging Film Market

Histoire non vérifiée Business is no longer a game of instincts when it comes to capitalizing on new production lines. In a highly competitive Packaging Film market, companies may face several challenges. Having trusted market research is always endorsed for both veteran and new entrants. Packaging Film Market report presents a thorough analysis of local, regional, and…
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Vida de horror

Histoire non vérifiée Una chica que presenta sucesos paranormales y a medida que van pasando van empeorando aún más hasta destruir la vida de la chica
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Histoire non vérifiée I noticed the other girls sat a bit farther away from me. "What's wrong?", I asked them trying to move closer. " Y...your skin." One of them said. I looked down at my skin and found nothing wrong with it. "It's glowing." Plagued by her past and very near future. This book explores the woes and joys of Deraya Chase. Daughter of Terry and Slyviel…
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Spirit After Murder.

This story contains - Sexual Scenes, Strong Language and Violence, Enjoy. A group of students stumble across their next paranormal adventure on break from university, the students get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t escape from.
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Milo's Journey

Une partie de l’univers de Milo's World Histoire non vérifiée Milo is a teenage spiritualist who comes from a long line of spirit workers. His mother was frightened of the gift and rejected the power. The gift passed to Milo although he was the last born in his family. Milo is unusually sensitive to spirit energies and learned what he knows of the spirit world from his grandmother. He is a gifted spiritu…
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Michelle's ex-boyfriend

Michelle is an ordinary vet doctor , with a lovable husband , charismatic daughter and stupendous son . However her routine life takes a turn with an abrupt encounter with her long lost past boyfriend. Things get more hideous when they should share the neighbourhood . Even more complicated when her daughter lana is strangely attracted to him . D…
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Lady Luck

Inside this town of Forestberg, where nothing usually happens. This town is about to be turned upside down. Chris and his family will have to do everything in their power to survive.
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The Vampire Twins

Histoire non vérifiée Description later
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Of Wolves and Wings

Histoire non vérifiée For as long as anyone can remember, vampires and werewolves have been sworn enemies. The McCords and the Hansens take this rivalry to another level entirely. Can Andi and Bentley defy the rules of not only their kind, but also their feuding families, to be together? If they do, if they engage in this centuries old war, neither of them may make …
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Revelations of the Enchanted Mirror

Alex, a billionaire who bought an island to get away from the stress of his daily life discovered the island wasn't all that met the eyes. Nope, his island was concealing a mysterious magical realm and he realized that when he fell into a big rabbit hole that tingled with magic and was tossed into a field of flowers shielding an enchanted mirror b…
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The Dream

Histoire non vérifiée A 20-year-old man talks about a dream that helped improve his faith.
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Blood Lust

Desperation fueled every step as I fled through the dense forest, the relentless pursuit of the Lycans closing in behind me. My heart raced, and my breath came in ragged gasps, each footfall a frantic plea for salvation. The moonlight played tricks through the trees, casting eerie shadows that seemed to reach out for me. Every time I heard a twig …
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The Importance Of Quality Soap Boxes

Histoire non vérifiée Soap boxes play a crucial role in the success of soap products, serving as more than just containers but as brand ambassadors that communicate value and quality to consumers.
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Is data science a safe career?

Histoire non vérifiée While data science offers promising career prospects, it's important to note that like any career, it comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties. Factors such as technological advancements, market trends,
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Angel in disguise

( ON BREAK MAY RE-WRITE) A " Demon" Turns the paranormal world rightside up... Through a long and hard journey, she finally ends her world. This is from my own personal theory. This is only for fun, sorry if it doesn't make sense. ( The art on the cover is NOT mine! All credit Wren !)
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Pregnant for A Barbarous Alpha

Histoire non vérifiée Ella had a boyfriend with critical cancer disease. Desperate to save his life, she visited a brothel where she met a man who was willing to sleep with her for nights and pay handsomely. Ella agreed to this arrangement but there were two rules. First, she had to satisfy him and second, she wasn't allowed to get pregnant. As time went by, Ella la…
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Histoire non vérifiée A crime suspense paranormal romance **---**---**--- "Do you believe in angels?" "Well, do they exist?" "Yes, they do" "Really? Have you ever met one?" "Yesss..." "Wow! When? Where? Tell me everything about it..." "Well. She's beautiful. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life...and...Wow what's with the frown?" "I'm jealo…
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Journal intime

Histoire non vérifiée Voici mon journal intime 1 jour par page
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Super miles and the Asteroid disaster:Part two.

Histoire non vérifiée Super miles figures out the Asteroid series
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The Last Nephilim

Histoire non vérifiée Arielle Bennet is your average 17 year old who’s life is turned upside down with just a few month to her birthday. She discovers she’s a Nephilim and is the last Unicorn. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as she’s attacked by a group of monsters looking to kidnap her, sent by an evil organization called the Myriad. Arielle and her best frie…
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Living Your Best Life: Health First, Always

Histoire non vérifiée Living your best life means making conscious choices that prioritize health and well-being in every aspect of life. It's about listening to your body, honoring its needs, and cultivating habits that support vitality and resilience. It's recognizing that health is not just a destination but a journey—a continuous process of growth, learning, and se…
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Beetlejuice et le monde des morts

Histoire non vérifiée Après la mort de son frère aîné, Judas. C'est au tour de Jane de mourir, elle finira par retrouver son frère dans un deuxième monde, le monde des morts, dirigé par un démon qui se fait passé pour un bio-exorciste, nommé Beetlejuice. Tout les deux vont tenter d'y survivre et d'arrêter celui-ci afin de retrouver la vie.
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