Fleetward Werewolf

Leon and Fox are residents of a poor neighborhood called Fleetward, where a series of strange and suspicious deaths have begun to occur. After the two decide to disregard the curfew instituted by Sheriff Deccar and go to the baseball field to find what Fox said were alien lights, Leon and his friend spot a huge creature that leaves a trail of bloo…
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The clown and you

Histoire non vérifiée You are a young teenager who goes to a haunted carnival with your friend,Islodene,said to hold the spirit of a deceased clown who snatched visitors away. Only,when you meet him,all isn’t as it seems. What will you choose? Love? Friendship? Rivalry? The possibilities are endless!
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Ash and Henry-Their story

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of Ash and Henry,from my story “Poppy’s adventures”.
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Jane Jenny Gray’s story

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of Jane Jenny Gray, from my stories “The story of R.R.R.-Rosemary Rosina Rosalind” and “Ceciliana’s story”. Enjoy!
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My boyfriends from Hell:Five-The ghost

Histoire non vérifiée In the fifth story of my “My boyfriends from Hell” series, Feronia discovers a truth about her house that she hadn’t thought to consider…it was haunted by a ghost! Not just any ghost, the ghost of a very handsome teenage boy… *From my “My boyfriends from Hell” series.
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My girlfriends from Hell:Part four-The zombie

Histoire non vérifiée In the fourth part of my “My girlfriends from Hell” series, Isaac finds himself in the midst of a zombie named Zania, who seems to have a obsession with him that will never die…
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Rosalyn’s diary

Histoire non vérifiée This was the diary of Rosalyn Laurence, before she and her family were changed forever. *From my “Laurence family story” series.
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Histoire non vérifiée There comes the skeleton land Where the biggest of biggest sinner places there hand In hell they skin there flesh But here they have nothing but some bones to be licked by those hungry puppets The skeleton king is more powerful than that angle hiding the devil Those skeleton eat there own flesh Just to relieve there sins ~~~~~~~~~~~ My first s…
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Histoire non vérifiée Do you think there are any paranormal beings, such as ghosts or monsters? Right, you'd probably answer no. The same would be true if you had asked my girlfriend or me the same question. After that trip, we are no longer able to dismiss its presence.
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Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl who…
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Ceciliana’s story

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of Ceciliana, before she was cursed by Valentina. *From my story “The story of R.R.R-Rosemary Rosina Rosalind”.
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Michael’s story

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of Michael Davis, the friend of Alexander Jackson. This is his story. *From my “The clown and the little girl” stories.
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Halloween children:THREE-Werewolf and Witch

Histoire non vérifiée Ralph Don Pitch is lazy and doesn’t take too kindly to Jenny La Rue, the loud girl in class. He’s not always going to have that time to peacefully sleep..
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My boyfriends from Hell:Part Four-The zombie

Histoire non vérifiée Aaliyah finds herself in a zombie apocalypse! Will she escape alive or join the zombies? Will she even WANT to escape alive, considering her crush, Enzo, is also a zombie? *The fourth book in my “My boyfriends from Hell” series.
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Histoire non vérifiée Weekly new stories and chapters in Fun and scary paranormal stories, The Chainsaw Man, and more coming soon. Will the character's survive? Or will they reach a brutal end? Packed with alot of scary stories and chapters. Follow this story so you don't forget and that you're tuned for more. Sorry for the inconvenience in not making new stories,…
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My girlfriends from Hell-Part Three:The skeleton

Histoire non vérifiée The third book in my “My Girlfriends from Hell” series,tells of Bruno,who wants to go to a graveyard Halloween party his classmates are holding.(Yes,it’s in a REAL GRAVEYARD). But a lonely skeleton girl hiding in the darkest depths of the undead might have other plans for him.. *From my “My Girlfriends from Hell” series.
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Town of Richardson songs

Histoire non vérifiée These are songs I made for my “Town of Richardson” stories.I hope you all enjoy!
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Nighty night

Histoire non vérifiée Hi I'm Phoebe. This story is about how I move to my new home. Me and my sister played this paranormal game. There is only one way to find out what happens next
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Histoire non vérifiée NeuroTonix (SHOCKING RESULT) Natural Rapid Brain Boost Pills + Nootropic Pills! NeuroTonix (#1 PREMIUM BRAIN BOOSTER PILLS) Better Brain + Sharp Mind!
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the girl next door

Histoire non vérifiée ares has baggage from his passed he is a bad boy but he is also very kind, Ella is a hybrid and a runt she left her ex human boyfriend that abused her and moves next door, she dosent have a pack shes a alone wolf what happends when she meets her mate and hes human
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Cecilia’s story-V.S.L.

Histoire non vérifiée This is the full story of Cecilia,Eliza’s older sister,from my “V.S.L.” stories. Enjoy!
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Lydia’s story

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of Lydia Morganson,Alexander Jackson’s friend. This is her story. *From my “Clown and the little girl” stories.
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Trails of blood

Histoire non vérifiée "I am not dead daddy...tell mommy that I've been a good little girl." A brief distant feeling sent shivers down my spine. " Where are you my angel, we have been looking for you for over 2 months now." Was all i said. " Come on daddy let's play hide and seek." an evil laugh escaped her mouth, that was not my daughter. I let fear build up in th…
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The Importance of Commercial Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Histoire non vérifiée Your commercial garage door is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your business. It provides security for your employees and property, and it also helps to regulate the temperature in your workplace.
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Histoire de blog


Histoire non vérifiée LeptiTrim Reviews – LeptiTrim™ uses all-natural, and very common ingredients, that are 100% safe. And remember, every single batch is lab tested after being manufactured at a state-of-the-art, government inspected, GMP manufacturing facility.
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My boyfriends from Hell:Three-The skeleton

Histoire non vérifiée Tiffany and Maggie venture into Griffin Woods to find the mystical skeleton boy. Too bad they’d get their wish.. This is part three of my “Boyfriends from Hell” series.
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Freeing Anvi

Anvi's used to being a nobody. The runt. The broken one. The submissive. Ever since her parents died in a fire, she's been Alpha Banastre's slave, enduring his daily beatings and chores at the cost of having a home to stay in and a crust of bread to eat at night. Anvi's only shining beacon of light is Alpha Banastre's wife, Luna Hailey, who has sh…
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Azrail and Melanie’s victims:ONE-Fiona

Histoire non vérifiée Remember the victims of Azrail and Melanie from my “Melanie’s adventures” story? No? Well,these series talks about their lives before they were slain by vampires! This first story is about a witch girl named Fiona Angelica. Yes,THE Fiona Angelica.Azrail’s very first “love”.
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