My Assistance is of Value

When you call a customer service department, you expect to get some help regarding your faulty product. But this time, you may end up getting much more than you bargained for. This is the story of Tamara, and the unlikely friendship she'll form will probably save more than just a missing package.
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Wrongly Writing

"When the whole world's against you, at least it's something to lean on." Thomas Corfield, the worst writer in history, self-publishes his books and inadvertently decimates the entire publishing industry overnight. The consequences are disastrous: illiteracy becomes something to aspire to and book burnings become rife. The publishing industry is…
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The Creature at Your Window

Neddison Eddison, quite a strange man who has had a very rough upbringing. His life would get progressively worse as he grew up. Then he hit rock bottom, he became a homeless man, living on the streets doing... unspeakable things for money. He thought that was it for him, he thought he would just be living on the streets for the rest of his life. …
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The Queen of Quok

No one envied the child, who had scarcely been thought of until he became king himself. Then he was recognized as a personage of some importance, and the politicians and hangers-on, headed by the chief counselor of the kingdom, held a meeting to determine what could be done for him. These folk had helped the old king to live riotously while his …
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Furry Slayers

Histoire non vérifiée This is a joke, if this is offensive please tell me or Megan T(new account)
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The Girl That Discovered Earth

The Girl That Discovered Earth is about well... a girl who discovered earth. This girl that journals will take you on a humorous journey of how she discovered earth and her thoughts on humans. Buckle up and be prepared for anything...
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CEO Cinderella: A Modern, Humorous Retelling (Short Story)

Life is good for Max Bilan. He’s made it to the top of the corporate ladder and even secured a hot date for the Winston Charity Ball. So it’s a nasty surprise to discover that his new secretary failed to get him tickets for the sold-out event. With just hours to go before the ball, his chances of finding a couple of spares seem slim. To make thin…
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The Faux-Philosopher

What do you do when you've been diagnosed with clinical depression and no one cares to know why? You waste your time having fun of course! I'm Bobert, and I only have few more months left in high school, my friends and I (mostly I) decided that we're gonna go accomplish a mission we each set out on before we leave. Join us on our journey of findin…
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A book of homemade jokes :)

Histoire non vérifiée A book of home made jokes for you to have a giggle at! Thanks for all the views (Give me credit if you use ANY OF THESE JOKES)
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Au secours je prends 40 ans!!!!!

Histoire non vérifiée Barbara est une mère célibataire pétillante et dynamique qui tombe dans une déprime à l'approche de son 40ème anniversaire. Heureusement sa fille Zoé tentera par tous les moyens de lui redonner goût à la vie.
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Le bébé de mon ennemi.

Histoire non vérifiée Ma Baby-sitter tombe malade et ne peux plus remplacer maman pour un bon moment. Ma mère décide que j’ai un ou une colocataire chez nous pour ne plus être seule, car maman travaille presque jour et nuit, elle est soudain pendant deux semaines appeler quelque part, mais comment vais-je supporter d’être avec celui que je déteste le plus ?
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The Invoice

A short story about incompetence, told as an email chain.
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Histoire non vérifiée Un défi Un amour Une passion Un déchirement Un choc Un enfant Un changement Un ami Un amour Une vengeance Une haine Une réconciliation Une union Un mariage Moi, Adina, je vous raconte ma vie...
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PTE Online Classes: The Best Way to Prepare for the PTE Mock Test

Histoire non vérifiée Vision Language Experts is the best PTE coaching institute in Jalandhar. We offer PTE classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our experienced faculty will help you achieve your PTE goals. Enroll today and start your journey to success!
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If you have Chronic pain then use best medicine

Histoire non vérifiée sell medicine online
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Microsoft SC-100 Exam Questions in 2023 with Pass4success

Histoire non vérifiée Pass4success provides the best IT certifications and Updated Exam Questions, avail now.
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PTE Classes Near Me: A Must-Have for Every PTE Student

Histoire non vérifiée Boost your PTE preparation with a Free PTE Mock Test from Vision Language Experts. Get a scorecard and assess your performance now!
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One Shoulder Dress: The Perfect Ensemble for Any Occasion

Histoire non vérifiée Elevate your style with our One Shoulder Dress – the versatile and chic choice for every occasion. Whether it's a formal event or a casual gathering, this dress is your go-to for effortless elegance.
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The short tale of the two brothers

Histoire non vérifiée once there were two brothers...
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Salesforce Exam Questions Pass4success

Histoire non vérifiée Salesforce certification Exam Questions
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How Morningville Found Breakfast Unity and Laughter

Histoire non vérifiée In "How Morningville Found Breakfast Unity and Laughter," the quirky town of Morningville is abuzz with breakfast food rivalries. Pancakes, Waffles, Sausages, and Eggs each believe they're the true breakfast superstars, sparking a culinary showdown. However, wise old Eggs decide to change the script, throwing a surprise party that brings all the r…
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Dress to Impress with These Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

Histoire non vérifiée Discover off-shoulder jumpsuit outfit ideas to elevate your fashion game. Make a stunning impression with these chic and versatile styles.
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Laugh-a-Lot: A Hilarious Adventure

Once upon a time, in a world where laughter ruled, join a lovable group of characters on a delightful adventure. Get ready for a joy-filled journey with funny pranks, silly mistakes, and lots of laughs. This enchanting tale celebrates the power of humor to bring people together and brighten their days. Prepare yourself for a rollicking escapade th…
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Precision Medicine's Growing Role in Cancer Care: Perspectives from Ghaziabad Oncologists

Histoire non vérifiée To gain insights into how precision medicine influences cancer care, we turn to the perspectives of oncologist in Ghaziabad and oncologist in Noida, key players in the evolving field of cancer treatment
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Conquer Resume

Histoire non vérifiée Quality Content: We do not believe in writing content just to fill up a template. The core of our product is the content and we do not compromise on its quality. With ConquerResume, you get high-quality content that you have paid for.
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Funny jokes

Histoire non vérifiée Funny jokes LOL
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Mindful Counseling

Histoire non vérifiée Welcome to the website of The Institute of Mindful Therapy Inc. Our mission is to support and improve the overall health and well-being of our clients through a holistic lens. To us this means integrating a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and healing techniques to support the body, mind and spirit of our clients. We specialize and thrive o…
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Red Guys

Histoire non vérifiée Red Guys est un jeune cambrioleur
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