Auto Rickshaw's Tomb

This is a type of short story based on a real story! A girl who had a terrific dream wakes her up and that happens in the reality
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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The Black Cat

The narrator is consumed by guilt about he's done, but he is not consciuos about its weight of his guilt, insisting that he is not bothered by this, and it's manifested in subconscious ways, He sees a vision of a cat in a noose in the ruined remains of this burned down house.
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Histoire non vérifiée Are fairy's real? Are they evil? Jessica only 10 years old, finds one and befriends it.
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The creepy mystery girl

The creepy mystery girl is a ghost who lives in a hunted house with other ghost in that house mean while Mr Smith try's to understand why is he talking to ghost lately He trying to figure out the past of the house while the creepy mystery girl helped Him solve his mystery of the house past Mr Smith talks to the old lady who lives next door by …
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The beast

Histoire non vérifiée The beast attacks a small village, leaving destruction in its wake.
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Resident Level – The Secrets of Morsalva

Histoire non vérifiée Abigail, a courageous young woman from the city of Vale Verde, decides to face the unknown dangers and the zombie epidemic caused by the mysterious corporation Morsalva. Determined to find her missing cousins and uncover the hidden secrets, she embarks on a journey of survival and justice. While fighting against hordes of flesh-hungry zombies, wit…
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Resident Level - Les secrets de Morsalva

Histoire non vérifiée Abigail, une jeune courageuse de la ville de Vale Verde, décide de faire face aux dangers inconnus et à l'épidémie de zombies causée par la mystérieuse corporation Morsalva. Déterminée à retrouver ses cousins disparus et à percer les secrets cachés, elle se lance dans un voyage de survie et de justice. Alors qu'elle lutte contre des hordes de zomb…
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The Wind

Histoire non vérifiée The weather is different, the animals are acting strange, the gust of winds are strong...
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Âme en peine Tome 8: Elian Stein

Histoire non vérifiée Découvrez le passé d’Elian Stein, 100ans avant le premier Tome de la série! Après de nombreuses aventures, Elian Stein rentre dans le village de son enfance, avec sa femme Elena et leur bébé, Charlie, pour rendre hommage à l’ami d’enfance d’Elian, Nathaniel Clark, décédé d’une pneumonie. Mais leur visite prendra une tournure sinistre lorsque l…
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Red Moon

Histoire non vérifiée This story is a romantic horror that tells the story of a girl and a man cursed for generations and you will see the rest
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The Dark Room

Histoire non vérifiée Beware of the darkroom, if you enter you will not come out alive
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The Whispering Woods

Histoire non vérifiée Fear is Where the heart is a dark thriller about whispers in the woods and the power to control you when you can't control your mind.
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The Fakes

Histoire non vérifiée My Grandma lost her mind when she was living her last years, she kept telling about existing some creatures, she called them "they". It even was funny untill I have found out...
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Une partie de l’univers de Fright world Histoire non vérifiée The the holy and unholy come together to cause the next 9/11! Writen by horror Edo Nightengalestar, halima was a woman who was in the thoes of maddness as well as delusion! Thinking that AQ was good, she also having fantasies of the madman who founded AQ! Not only that she is possessed by the devil! When an air marshal notices her online pre…
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The Cursed Vault : A Vampires Awakening

Histoire non vérifiée A few reachers we’re investigating a history bunker from world war 1, When they realise it wasn’t what they thought and stumbled onto a dark secret That hold the fear of humanity.
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Histoire non vérifiée An awakened demon
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It Came At Night

Histoire non vérifiée Group of friends sit around the campfire as one friend tells the group a story of a urban tale, a visual being that attacks people at night.
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The Philippine Island Chronicles

Here lies a collection of Heroic, weird, supernatural, and horrific tales which are alleged to be true from the Philippines. The philosophical interpretations of what each story might actually mean is examined. Read, enjoy and above all remain safe!
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The midnight Butcher

Histoire non vérifiée Group of friends must fight to stay alive in this teen slasher story,
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CLOVER Book 2: Invasion

After fleeing New York and residing on Bear Island, Beatrice and Clover return to New York to fight against the Military and take back their freedom.
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50 Short Horror Stories.

Histoire non vérifiée These are 50 horror short horror stories, you can read them as long as you want and stay enjoyed. But, don’t be scared. And also please rate my story and comment if you like it or not.
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PBN Magic: Transforming Your Online Presence with High-Quality Backlinks

Histoire non vérifiée pbn service
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Rot & Ruin : Tales of the Dead

Histoire non vérifiée Series of untold stories of a zombie apocalypse that takes place around the world and those who want to survive must ban together to come together and fight the undead.
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Five Stories Of Horror

Histoire non vérifiée For the readers of horror stories, here are stories that might bring a chill to your bone. Get comfortable and enjoy the terrifying stories that you love.
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Rot & Ruin Series

Histoire non vérifiée Multiple stories of a zombie apocalypse, that takes place all around the world where people must survive and defeat the undead to stay alive.
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Les Araignées Mangeuses

Histoire non vérifiée Un homme de 84 ans fait un élevage illégal chez lui de 2500 araignée qui lui semblait inoffensif, mais un soir de Mai 2022 les araignées vont se retourner contre lui d'une manière atroce.
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Cibler pour la vie !

Histoire non vérifiée Humilier, violer et briser, Solène n'arrive plus à se reconstruire, elle est constamment la cible préférée des garçons, mais pourquoi ? Comment tout cela a pu arriver ? Quelle est la plus grande douleur qu'elle a dû subir ?
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