Cita húmeda

Récit promu Esa noche el amor llegaría a su puerta y lo haría de una forma muy singular: Con la inundación, y en opinión del propio Gorka, por la inundación. El amor como una fiebre que sube. Que licua el cerebro y convierte la boca en un surtidor de espuma blanca al tiempo que la mandíbula se cierra como un cepo para osos, guillotinando la lengua. Ese era…
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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The Black Cat

The narrator is consumed by guilt about he's done, but he is not consciuos about its weight of his guilt, insisting that he is not bothered by this, and it's manifested in subconscious ways, He sees a vision of a cat in a noose in the ruined remains of this burned down house.
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Auto Rickshaw's Tomb

This is a type of short story based on a real story! A girl who had a terrific dream wakes her up and that happens in the reality
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The beast

Histoire non vérifiée The beast attacks a small village, leaving destruction in its wake.
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The Wind

Histoire non vérifiée The weather is different, the animals are acting strange, the gust of winds are strong...
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The creepy mystery girl

The creepy mystery girl is a ghost who lives in a hunted house with other ghost in that house mean while Mr Smith try's to understand why is he talking to ghost lately He trying to figure out the past of the house while the creepy mystery girl helped Him solve his mystery of the house past Mr Smith talks to the old lady who lives next door by …
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Crimson Rose Nightmare

In a desolate, old house, where the wind wails mournfully, Mary and John's Valentine's Day takes a chilling turn. As they sit down for a special dinner, shadows dance ominously, revealing a mysterious locket that awakens long-buried nightmares. The haunting melody of a forgotten music box resurfaces, accompanied by a ghostly figure from John's pas…
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Histoire non vérifiée Are fairy's real? Are they evil? Jessica only 10 years old, finds one and befriends it.
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Nightmare at Grandma's house

Histoire non vérifiée Nightmare at Grandma's house was a short story I wrote for the 2023 Halloween Writing Contest in college. The story goes around Grandma's house with a kid that has a nightmare but every time he wakes up, he doesn't.
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The Space of Mumblings

Histoire non vérifiée In the quiet, remote town of Hollowbrook, a dilapidated, centuries-old mansion stands as a sinister relic of a dark past. This ominous manor is known by the locals as "The Spaced of Mumblings," and for a good reason. The legend tells of a ghastly, ghostly door hidden deep within the mansion's labyrinthine corridors, a door that opens into a world …
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Native Blood [Vol. 01]: Harvest Night

Histoire non vérifiée Elias Pendergast, leader of a sovereign company of hunters on an alien planet, discovers dangerous clues of an attack on the eve of a holy native holiday, the same night his teenage brother Adam disappears to attend an illegal party. - Harvest Night is the latest full rewrite of the book originally titled Native Blood: Cursed Planet. The plot's th…
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Cette pièce, sombre et froide ...

Histoire non vérifiée Je ne sais pas qui je suis. Ni où je suis. Mais je sais une chose : je DOIS réussir ces jeux .
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Mon cauchemar devenu réalité

Histoire non vérifiée Je m'appelle leyla et j'ai fais un cauchemar Très particulier... J'essaie de comprendre pourquoi j'ai fais se cauchemar si bizarre et pourquoi cet endroit ??.... attention : -Faute d'orthographe (désolé pour sa c'est juste qu'il et minuit😅) -Mots vulgaire -Horreur -combat
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Histoire non vérifiée L’homme est seul. Il cherche, ne sachant pas réellement ce qu’il cherche, ou plutôt, qui il cherche. L’Autre, cette entité, ce mystère qui a fait parler de lui récemment, qui se cacherait, entre lits rouillés et placards rongés, au fond de cet hôpital désaffecté…
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Le lai du Z-O-M-B-I-E

Histoire non vérifiée Severus, se métamorphose en zombie. Le zombie est aimé par le roi de Paris et sa femme en question, avec qui il partage sa malédiction. Malheureusement, l'épouse de Severus tombe amoureuse d'un autre homme et le trahit, le privant de sa condition humaine. Le lai raconte l'histoire de Severus essayant de retrouver son humanité et de surmonter les o…
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Histoire non vérifiée A virus breached out killing thousands and thousands of people. I'm searching for my husband, dead or alive. He's my only option.
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Mr. Hopps Playhouse

Histoire non vérifiée A book based off of the game.
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Hell's Paralysis

Histoire non vérifiée Allan suffers from sleep paralysis, a disorder that prevents him from moving or speaking upon waking. He has terrible nightmares about a creature that chases and tortures him. But what he doesn't know is that this creature is more than a figment of his imagination. It is real. And it wants to take him to hell.
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The Michigan Chronicles

The Michigan Chronicles Explores Crypted creatures and other spooky events taking place in the State of Michigan. Before you read light up a nice fire and a hot drink in order to keep warm and remain safe from the things that go bump in the night.
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Histoire non vérifiée i guess you'll have to find out once you read it.
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The Hunter: The Life of Louise

Histoire non vérifiée This is the sequel to The Vampire and follows Louise through her life before she meets Amon and after meeting him. She has to grow up fast and wishes to be normal at times. Louise try’s to be a teenager like falling in love out with friends while trying to fight evil on a nightly basis.
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power fall

Histoire non vérifiée a story about a small city what will happen in it ? will one murder leed to another or even more .. is the person responsible will he or she get away with it all ? only one way to find out ! where does this story take us to ? we all know its always a new adventure each and every time .. this one will be no different .. so begin to see where we al…
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Les secrets du manoir hanté

Histoire non vérifiée "Les Secrets du Manoir Hanté" est une histoire interactive captivante où les joueurs explorent un manoir mystérieux rempli de secrets et d'énigmes à résoudre. Les joueurs incarnent un détective intrépide chargé de percer les mystères qui hantent ce lieu lugubre. Chaque pièce du manoir réserve son lot de surprises, de pièges et de rencontres surnat…
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Histoire interactive


Histoire non vérifiée just a twisted version of "she loves me, she loves me not"
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The House on Maple Street

The house on the corner of Maple Street was a quaint and charming home, with a white picket fence and a neatly manicured lawn. The windows were adorned with flower boxes overflowing with vibrant blooms, and the front porch was inviting with its rocking chairs and porch swing. But despite its idyllic appearance, the house had a dark secret – it was…
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The Apostles of the black goat Judas

Histoire non vérifiée Author's forewords: Welcome I am bishop mizu, A young African American writer. This will be an ongoing series. I will drop multiple chapters each month for this dark novel, or I might surprise you with random drops. I want to build an active community of fellow writers to give any advice or valid criticisms freely. I love fan engagement, so yo…
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Five nights at Freddy’s

Histoire non vérifiée This is five nights at Freddy’s the bite of 87 and more chapters
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the sharpening 2 - the violent revenge

Histoire non vérifiée What happens if the murder case still remains unsolved .. now that the killer is now looking to find revenge ! what really happened ? does any of really know what has happened ? did we find out about the whole meaning of this story ? if not will we find out now ! so many unanswered questions we have after we read the first book .. well will we …
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