Stolen by the Alpha Wolf

Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace and comfort of the other person. So she didn't understand what she did wrong, where she went wrong, …
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Bleeding Gold

Une partie de l’univers de Erydoria Landon Winters is an assassin, but when he gets hired as a bodyguard, his world flips out of control, can he manage to reign in control?
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The City of Valor: Ice Dragon

Avalon Kingsley was a young orphan girl of twenty, with a hidden dragon marking on her right arm when the royal king himself shows up in her village in search of anyone who bares the markings of a dragon and join the ranks of the dragon knighthood of Valerius. Avalon heard the stories a child of how the dragon knights work alongside dragons to kee…
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Le Gardien de Magic : Le voyage du chat aventurier

Max, le chat aventurier, est un félin au pelage noir et aux yeux ambrés. Agile et énergique, il porte en lui une aura de courage et de sagesse. Avec sa capacité magique et son esprit intrépide, Max est un symbole d'espoir et de courage. Son histoire montre que, malgré sa taille, il peut surmonter n'importe quel obstacle et laisser une trace dans l…
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Diaries Of The Sovereign Rule

Something is happening in the magical realm of Faenbel. The rulers are preparing for The worst. Read These Diary Entries to see how these kings & queens prepare to defend their kingdoms.
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The Red Castle

Rose was on her way to discover the mysteries of her nightmare and the disappearance of time, when she encountered a boy who captured her heart.
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There are too many pieces of me. — She sang in a childish melody — So many that sometimes I get lost among them and wonder who I really am, for a long, long time I found myself completely alone, but they were always here. My delusions, my pieces, the only ones I can trust. A broken child that has been broken into several pieces and a mind that is …
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