Lost Destinies Series | Maduna

This is the birthplace of the fairy tales you read so fondly: Sertofya. Future kings, mad scientists, princesses and their savior princes, women strong enough to shape their own destiny, fools who fell victim to a romance due to their helplessness, poor people who died at the end of the story because they were considered bad, and many more were tr…
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Gerti's Tavern

Une partie de l’univers de El Libro en Blanco Welcome to Gerti's Tavern! Here, you'll experience the busiest routine in Clena, the hometown of Farg, the protagonist of "The Blank Book: The Almsman." If you want to immerse yourself in the daily lives of the owners of this old establishment, both during the events leading up to the novel and parallel to it, all you have to do is step inside. En…
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The Two-Headed Dragon

A GTP-generated story about a duel between a mage knight and a two-headed dragon
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Writers Way Of Survival

Elisa Cliftson was a talented writer who died in a tragic car accident. However, after her death, she received an extraordinary offer: The Goddess of Beginning said that Elisa could be reborn in the world of the novel she had written, but only if she helped Isaac Li, the main character of her novel. Together with a regressor who had turned her bac…
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River Of Anew: Farming In Another World

A sudden dramatic change in one's life would lead to drastic changes. What if that change were to provide something unexpectedly great and exciting events and changes? After a tragic event, Foin was granted a new life full of excitement. Will he manage to correct what he has endured?
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Enchanted Archive

In a small village there is a very special library
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The Faraway Kingdom

Every day at the Faraway Kingdom
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Legends of Mistmoore

Une partie de l’univers de Legends of Mistmoore A comedic and heartfelt take on the fantasy epic. Despite the problems of failing eyesight, memory loss, and aching bodies, a team of aging adventurers seek to make the a trip to the legendary Mt. Mistmoore, claim its priceless treasure, and break the evil curse that ensnares it. But will they be prepared for what they will find within? (Published…
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Valor and strength

"Valor and strength" is a story that invites us to embark on an epic adventure through the eyes of Raoban. In this journey, what begins as a simple chance encounter unfolds into an odyssey filled with fantasy, friendship, and the exploration of deep human values. As Raoban delves into a world brimming with beautiful sensations, the reader is led d…
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"The Blood Moon Prophecy"

In a world plagued by dark magic and terrifying creatures, an evil necromancer named Malakai Shadowborn forms a sinister pact with Fenris Bloodfang, a powerful werewolf lord. Together, they embark on a quest to resurrect Dracul the Deathbringer, an ancient undead dragon, from its eternal slumber. With the dragon under their control, they aim to ra…
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The Mystic Walker's Diary

In a forgotten realm filled with legends and enchanted mountains, a young adventurer embarks on an epic journey in search of the mystical Whispering Valley. Guided by ancient diaries and signs from nature, he faces natural challenges and magical beings, learning about the magic of the world and about himself. Upon discovering a surreal valley, he …
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Le Pouvoir des Éléments

Ses l’histoire d’une femme qui au détriment de sa vie persiste à maintenir la vie sur terre
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The Land

Welcome To Our Fantasy World.
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Whispers of Desires: A Sense of Duty {Book 1}

In a world where duty and love collide, Nia, the eldest daughter of an aristocratic family, finds herself thrust into a political alliance with the ruthless Vampire King, Kiyoshi. As both kingdoms grapple with the mysterious disappearance of human and vampire children, Nia and Kiyoshi embark on a journey to uncover the truth. Amidst the chaos an…
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“Clockwork Kingdom: Chronicles of the Metal Realm”

In the year 3,048, the once-glorious Clockwork Kingdom lies in ruins, its towering spires now skeletal remains amidst a landscape of rust and decay. Ant, a weary automaton plagued by memories of a forgotten past, navigates the desolation, haunted by the echoes of a world that once revered his kind. Within the kingdom's labyrinthine streets, dark …
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The Castles of Kelegorn

In the fabled world of Kelegorn, three magical kingdoms existed in harmony, with secret guardians watching over the human realm to protect it from harm. However, when one of these realms succumbs to the lure of dark magic, it sets off a chain of events that leads to the downfall of the other two kingdoms. With the balance of power tipped and two k…
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This story follows Max, a normal goth student who's on a field trip in his home town in the mountains. In the forest where the field trip is being taken place. Him and everybody in the forest is attacked by weird army men. Knocked out Levi his bully picks him up running along with his classmates. What happens next..Will they survive..Or will they …
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The Crown of Eternia

In "The Crown of Eternia" Jean and his friends, Henry and Mary, are transported to a magical realm of Eternia, where they are greeted by fantastic beings and embroiled in an intricate web of events that will shape the destiny of this enchanted world. Confronted with challenges beyond human comprehension, they uncover ancient secrets and participat…
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Zephir Cliffe arrives at Ridantor boarding school with one goal in mind: to find his place in Reshiam. However, his arrival at the peculiar boarding school will mark the beginning of an adventure, full of mysteries. In the company of new friends, they will face challenges and dangers that will test their courage and skills. Unraveling ancient enig…
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In The End: The Outcast Rises

Une partie de l’univers de Epi-Universe After a life-changing event, Ben must now face greater dangers as he uncovers, who he is, and what danger he has yet to face.
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In The End: The Final Destination

Une partie de l’univers de Epi-Universe With things winding down to the Ultimate Fight for Planet Vein, Ben and Jin must now navigate their way through Planet Gordon, to face the upcoming evils and mysteries that await them. As Ben and Jin get closer to facing Gordon, things will change. New information and trials await, both Ben and Jin. SEASON 3 P.S. THIS IS A CONTINUATION…
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A Beast Valentine

In a frozen forest shunned by lovers on Valentine's Eve, Krampus lurks with none but his cruel wrath for company. This beast is no mere bogeyman - he is fury given fur and claws, terrorizing the woods out of resentment for the affection that will never be his. When Krampus comes upon a lone rose defying winter's chill, its beauty only fuels hi…
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Cursed Princess

C’est son nom que vous voulez connaître? Commencez par la regarder dans les yeux et dîtes moi ce que vous y voyez ! Mais ne vous perdez pas dans les ténèbres car vous y sombrerez !
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The Life of a Half Dark Elf

Light shadows have long been the rulers of the shadow realm. They protect it from all beings of darkness and keep the balance within. This story follows a light shadow who was born a half-dark elf as she discovers her true nature and what she can offer the realm.
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The Tales of Dog and Seraphine

These are the stories of Krohn Thamuz and Seraphine Cruorem. Based off of Dungeons and Dragons, the adventures of this duo are full of danger and comedy as they explore the world together. Krohn is a young Tiefling Druid Shapeshifter who knows nothing of the world but what his adoptive Mother, Owlyn Rosewynn, has showed him. Losing his parents and…
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Kyle the Apprentice Warlock

Enter the world of Kyle Watkins, the most average everyday warlock he could possibly be. Who also happens to have wizard powers. His closest coworker is constantly arriving at work covered in blood and everyone besides Kyle thinks he might be a serial killer. Together they intern at The National Museum of Unnatural Science and History, where their…
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The Faerie Promise

Aurora lives in the town of Faerie Vale. The whole town has grown up hearing the legends and the rules. Legends of mischief and disappearances. Rules of what to do if you encounter one of the fair folk, one of the fae. No one believes these fables anymore. No one but Aurora. Aurora has met a faerie and gained a promise. A promise to make all of t…
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A Day Through Berkley's Time Machine

The way Jade and Jane were attracted to and repelled by each other in the journey through Berkely's Time Machine and the way they both realized the other that made them good friends cook up the whole story "A Day through Berkely's Time Machine". Jane and Jade were pulled into Berkeyle's Time Machine to complete a mission by the people of the vill…
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